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Do you want to work abroad? Whether you are looking for internships, summer jobs, apprenticeships or any other kinds of jobs abroad, Search Jobs Abroad has got you covered! We are the largest online job board for short-term holiday work, volunteer positions, part-time and full-time jobs around the planet. Sign up and instantly find your best job ever!

If you want to work abroad, you can find countless jobs right here and apply directly with the employer. France? Spain? Australia? China? Everything you need to find is on Search Jobs Abroad. Never before has it been so easy to work abroad!

Why work abroad?

Why not work abroad? You can earn more money, travel the globe and meet exciting new people! Feeling uncertain about your future work aboard? Read these practical tips that can get you on your way to finding the perfect job abroad.

Popular jobs abroad

One of the most popular positions on Search Jobs Abroad is teaching English aboard. If you have flawlessly mastered the English language, there are countless opportunities out there that will offer you an amazing salary anywhere in the world. Other popular international sectors include catering, tourism, real estate and business. Additionally, there are also countless people who work from companies based in their home countries while doing freelance work or making regular trips abroad. The opportunities are endless!

Popular countries to work

Wondering where your adventure might take you? If you work in IT, finance or international marketing, you’ll find great opportunities to work aboard in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong. For those in mechanical engineering, aeronautics and the automotive industry, you’ll find jobs abroad in France, Germany and Britain.

For expatriates looking to work in manufacturing and trade, you’ll find the job market booming around the United Arab Emirates as well as the Chinese areas of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Interested in spreading your love of the English language? You’ll find an endless array of jobs abroad in Japan, South Korea, China, Argentina and Peru. Finally, job seekers on the hunt for surf and sun have been in love with Australia’s diverse job market for years.

Visas and work permits

The rules for visas and work permits will vary depending on your nationality and your destination. While some companies might be willing to organise all of your documents, many expect you to come prepared. Before you make a commitment to any particular destination, it’s important to research exactly what to expect before accepting a job abroad.

Popular jobs abroad

When you move aboard, everything changes- for better and for worse! You need to come prepared for a major transition. There is definitely going to be a period of adjustment. Of course, the farther that you move from home, the longer that period of adaptation will likely take.

Come with an open mind and be prepared to put yourself out there to make new friends and integrate with the locals. Many expats find it helpful to move to a more cosmopolitan city where there is a large international population alongside familiar shops and brands.


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Finding a job abroad

Would you like to work in an international company based in your home country or find work abroad? Our job board helps you to find the perfect match for your unique skills!

In addition to career opportunities, we have vacancies for people who want to volunteer, take a working holiday abroad or find an internships abroad. We have companies who are looking for people who speak particular languages natively or as a second language. Need to advance your career? We are here to help!

Check out these real experiences from people who are currently working abroad:
Barcelona: “I’m Patricia and I’d always wanted to work abroad. I thought it would be great to work in a bar on the coast of Spain. I stumbled across this site last summer when I was between jobs. I’ve found so many great opportunities here! Whenever I am ready for a new adventure, I come back here. I’d recommend this site to anybody looking to take a chance and get out there. Ciao!!”

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Berlin: “My name is Richard. I’m 34 years and I have lived in Germany for 3 years now. When I was in high school, I was so anxious to gain my first international experience. I took my first job abroad when I was 17 years old and I have subsequently worked in France, Italy and Germany. I’ve gained so much experience and know-how in my time abroad. After studying Commercial Economics, I went to Germany for to start working in the metal sector. Although, I am not too far from home, it has been an amazing experience for me.”

Milan: “We are Francine and Vincent. We stumbled onto this website last April and were blown away by how many job opportunities we found. We noticed that Search Jobs Abroad is always being updated so you can get the latest news here all of the time. Since discovering this site, we’ve been recommending it to everyone. Working abroad is such a great experience and we’d definitely recommend to those you who aren’t quite sure what to do after studying for year (like us!). At the moment, we are both working abroad in Italy but things could change next year. When you’re young like us (we’re 22 and 24), it’s a perfect time to take a chance and get out there and see the world!”

Paris: “I’m Bass. I’m 27 years and I came across this website in late 2009 when I was hunting for a job abroad. At that time, I was open to working abroad in any country. I found a job that looked interesting so I applied. I immediately got a phone interview and was on my way in no time. The great thing about this site is that it opens up the whole world of opportunity to you.”

Gran Canaria: “My name is Bert and I’m 28 years old. At the end of 2009, I graduated with a Business degree. At that time, I did not really feel ready to go look for a serious job. My solution was to work for a time abroad. Thanks to Search Jobs Abroad, I’m on the right track and I came away with dozens of different employers already contacting me. Eventually I chose to go to Gran Canaria, Spain. The weather is always fantastic and the whole year is the feast! For me, working abroad is a nice stage in my life but about half a year I want to come back to the Netherlands.”

Berlin: “After 15 years of working for my loyal Dutch employer, I finally packed my bags to move. Working abroad had always been a dream of mine but it’d been impossible for me because my (ex) wife hadn’t wanted to move. In early 2008, we are separated. I remember telling myself then that I was finally ready to realise my dream. I started searching online and found this site. Now the rest is history!”

Paris: “Thanks to your amazing website, I found the job of my dreams for free and I was finally able to move abroad. Thanks so much for everything! Paris is the city of love but for me it’s the city to work abroad. I spent 4 years working at a translation agency. I speak fluent German and that’s something sought after in France. I had the adventure of a lifetime there. After translating for four years, I was ready to something different and returned to the Netherlands. If you want to work abroad too, I would definitely recommend checking out Search Jobs Abroad.”

Paris: “Have you ever had a view of La Tour Eiffel? I do! My name is Patrick and I started working abroad last summer. Unfortunately, it’s just a job for six months but I’m savouring every moment. A business insurance company was looking for someone who wanted to work abroad for Dutch customers. Via Search Jobs Abroad, I have found that job. Working abroad is really something amazing for me. And that beautiful view of La Tour definitely helps! I’ve had a great time and I’ve seen a lot of the city. Paris is huge and you can’t see a tenth of it in six months. I’ll definitely keep searching for more work abroad. My French language skills haven’t gotten too much better because everyone speaks English here. Paris is different from the rest of France. It’s a very international city. I would recommend going abroad to anyone.”

New York: “After my military service as a reserve officer, I started at the firm ITT–New York as an Electronics Technician. I was sent to India to work abroad and solve problems in Mumbai, Delhi, Madras, Calcutta etc. For 3 years, I was working abroad. These were three years when I was a young guy with no experience. It was so vital to my character formation and independence. After India, I went to Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Denmark, Finland and Ireland to continue to work abroad. After 12 years, I gave my resignation because this group was taken over by a French group that didn’t offer the same salary. After 30 days, I started working for an Italian company that specializes in engineering for the glass industry. As an account manager, the next nine years went easily. At this job, I was regularly working with the German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as Spain for the sale of industrial equipment. A dismissal was inevitable since this company was sold to the Finns, and my feeling for the Finns hung on the back burner. With this, I began to apply for more jobs and quickly found an Austrian company which is engaged in the construction of highly specialized CNC production machinery and also for the glass industry. Here I also ended my career after 10 years of service. The company went through a planned bankruptcy last year. As a result, I was now home and bored to death! I was looking for anything to do. It was frustrating to sit home and not be part of real life! I missed the time I spent working abroad with my wife and four kids. After spending so much downtime in hotels all over the globe, I had learned Spanish, English, French, German, 60% Danish and 50% Italian and of course Dutch management skills. After finding this site, I realised that my experience and skills were invaluable. If you want to work abroad, I would high recommend it.”
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