Looking for a job in Eastern Europe? Go and work in Poland!

Do you feel a strong connection with Eastern Europe? Then you’ve probably been here several times for a holiday. Do you think this is not enough, however? Then of course you can also go a step further. Then choose for example to emigrate to Poland. When you emigrate to Poland, you want to find a job here, of course. After all, you have to be able to pay your bills. Did you not find a job in Poland yet? Then read on quickly. We list a number of advantages and disadvantages about working in Poland for you.

What do you have to do before you can work in Poland?

Like the Netherlands, Poland is part of the European Union. You do not need to have a work permit to work here. It is important to register in the Netherlands and in Poland. As a Dutchman, this will cost you at most an hour of your time. However, registration in this Eastern European country is only possible if you have a Polish address. You have to be able to prove that you live in the country. If you want to start working fairly quickly in Poland, it is therefore important to have all this done within the foreseeable future. Are you going to work in Poland for less than three months? Then it is not necessary to register as a resident of this country.

Low wages

Poland is quite underdeveloped when you compare the country with Western European countries. Although the country is emerging, it is far from being at the level of Western Europe. This is reflected in the wages paid in the country. When you start working in Poland, you do not have to expect to earn more than in the Netherlands. After all, Poland is not for nothing going to the west of Europe to work here. Of course, wages do vary considerably per sector. Do you want to work in Poland and still earn a reasonable wage? It would be a good idea to contact the large, international companies. These are generally found in the larger cities in Poland, such as Warsaw. Here, wages are generally fairly similar to those in other countries.

Polish language constitutes a barrier

Would you like to work in Poland? It is then wise to have knowledge of the Polish language. When you speak poorly Polish, it is difficult to communicate with your colleagues. There is therefore a great chance that things will go wrong on a regular basis, as you may not understand each other well. Make sure you get to know the Polish language pretty quickly. This makes working in Poland a lot easier and also ensures that your colleagues have respect for you. After all, you adapt to their country. Is it not possible to master the Polish language? Then go and work with multinationals where English is the official language. It is also possible to work at a Dutch company in Poland.

Many Dutch companies establish themselves in Poland

Production in Poland is much cheaper than in the Netherlands. Many Dutch companies are therefore opening a production site in this Eastern European country. This is not only good for the Poles themselves, but also makes it easier for Dutch people to work in Poland. A large proportion of these Dutch companies send their staff in Dutch. In that case, it is therefore not necessary to learn the Polish language when you start working in Poland.

Favourable conditions for Dutch citizens

Working in Poland can also have a number of favourable conditions for you. Especially when you are in the Polish language, this can give you a nice extra bag. Polish companies pay foreigners extra when they know the language. In addition, it often provides you with a number of attractive secondary conditions, such as a furnished apartment or something similar. The basic wage for jobs in Poland is often not high, but you can still make it somewhat attractive. Even though it is still not a fat pot.

Poland are envious and envious.

Over the years, Polish workers have become pretty jealous when it comes to Dutch workers going to work in Poland. After all, they receive bonuses, and that is not something for the Polish people. In addition, most Dutch people who work in Poland think that they are better than the local population. This also causes a kind of aversion of the Poles against the Dutch. Because Dutch people have considerable respect in the country, there are only a few Polish companies that dare to dismiss Dutch people.

Growing employment

Because Poland is a relatively cheap country, many large companies open a production site in this country. This means that there is therefore a considerable amount of employment in Poland. Unemployment is therefore constantly declining. Don’t you like working at a production site in Poland? No problem. The employees also need to be managed, so there are often plenty of office jobs to be found in Poland.

Find right jobs in Poland

Moving to Poland may not be very attractive. But this often becomes different when there are a number of interesting vacancies on your path. But how do you keep an eye on these vacancies? With Search Jobs Jobs Abroad of course! You can, of course, also look at job vacancy sites and Polish employment agencies yourself, but there is a good chance that you will miss the necessary jobs. If you are really looking for work in Poland, contact Search Jobs Abroad. This international job vacancy database gathers several vacancies in Poland, so it is not difficult to find a suitable job in this Eastern European country.

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