Are you working in Ireland? Find the right jobs and vacancies

Are you sure you want to work in Ireland? Then, of course, you must have a number of jobs or vacancies in mind. You probably don’t want to exchange your safe life in the Netherlands if you haven’t yet found a job in Ireland. However, job search in Ireland can be quite difficult. So you may not know where to start your search. Is this indeed the case? Then at Search Jobs Abroad you are the right address for foreign vacancies. We will tell you exactly what to look out for when you find the right jobs and vacancies in Ireland.

Looking for vacancies

People who are looking for a new job in the Netherlands often focus primarily on job vacancy sites. Over the years, a lot of things have come about. But what about this when you are looking for a job in Ireland? Do you also need to search on vacancy sites? That is one of the possibilities. The disadvantage is that it often takes a long time for you to find vacancies in Ireland. After all, only just an attractive vacancy should be offered on the site. Do you want to work fast in Ireland? Then at Search Jobs Abroad, you’re at the right place. We can help you find the perfect jobs in Ireland.

What kind of jobs can you expect?

Before you start looking for vacancies in Ireland, it is of course handy when you know what to expect. One of the most potential sectors in Ireland is the IT sector. Indeed, Ireland is one of the world’s largest software exporters. Sufficient new jobs will be created in this sector in the coming years. In addition, of course, there are also enough jobs in the business sector. This in turn is due to the fact that there are large companies based in this country, such as Facebook. These companies have chosen Ireland as their base of operations because of the favourable tax environment. If you want to work for a large multinational, you will surely find plenty of jobs that will arouse your interest.

More jobs for highly educated people

Did you have a high level of education in the Netherlands? Then it is a lot easier to work in Ireland. Indeed, many companies in this country are looking for skilled personnel. In Ireland itself, this is difficult to find in some sectors, so that many large companies target foreign personnel. Do you aspire to a high position within a large company and are you highly educated? Then it is certainly worth it to see if you can start working in Ireland. There is a good chance that various companies will have some vacancies that fit perfectly in your street.

What is the working culture in Ireland?

In the Netherlands everything takes place formally, certainly in the business world. Meetings are held in a rented room or conference room. However, you do not have to expect this in Ireland. Certainly not when you start working in a company with mainly Irish people. They prefer to meet informally. Don’t be surprised if the first meeting you have in Ireland takes place in the pub. In addition, Irish people do like a funny thing at his time, which means that a meeting is not always serious about it. Another major difference with the Netherlands is that Irish people are asked much more often for their ideas about the company’s future. In the Netherlands, this is not the case for most companies, as management often takes decisions on this matter.

Starting a business in Ireland

Do you not want to work for a company in Ireland but start your own business? This is certainly also a possibility in this country. You may find no appealing vacancies in this country and decide to try it for yourself. Ireland is certainly a good country to start up your own business. In the last few years, a great many new companies have emerged. The biggest advantage is in the area of taxation. The favourable tax environment makes it particularly attractive to start up a business in Ireland.

Without problems at work in Ireland

Have you found a vacancy or job in Ireland? Then it is high time to arrange the last things. You only have to provide accommodation, an air ticket and the transport of your Dutch household effects. It is not necessary to apply for a permit when you want to work in Ireland. The country belongs to the European Union, and it is therefore not necessary to have a permit when you want to work in that country.

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