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The weather, the Spanish landscape and the music!
That is what we are doing, right? Read below for practical tips on starting a job in Spain.

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At Search Jobs Abroad you will find the largest offer for work abroad. If you want to come to Spain, it is important that you know what conditions Spanish companies impose. Always ask different companies to start a new job abroad. When you know this you will leave prepared. It is useful to speak the Spanish language for people who work in Spain. What do you have work experience in? Is this hotels, organizing parties, broker or sales? Our advice is to mention this in your CV.

Extra tip during the course to get a job in Spain

Did you know you can do a Spanish exam? The DELE exam is that. In many places in Spain and Latin America it is possible to take a DELE Spanish exam course. The duration and content of the course varies by destination. There are 3 levels where you can take the DELE exam on the spot, but first look at the offer of jobs in Spain.

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Torremolinos Spain – Nadja: You often hear reports from people who have done little during their internship in Spain. I really had to work very hard. But well I also want to have a super result and don’t take pleasure quickly. During my internship in Spain, I developed a new concept at a real estate agency to approach foreign buyers. As a reward, I was allowed to continue working there. So after my internship in Spain I immediately had work in Spain. Very handy!!

Looking for a job in Spain?

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Jobs in Spain

Barcelona Spain – Michel – Barcelona Spain: When I was looking for a job in Spain, the crisis had just begun. So I didn’t expect to be able to find that much. When I went to search via the internet I came to Search Jobs Abroad and there I saw quite a lot of jobs in Spain. I started applying right away but my English language skills were always insufficient for a job in Spain. In the end, I applied to a Dutch campsite owner who offered a job in Spain. I really enjoyed it very much there. A little work and enjoy my free time. So my job in Spain was fantastic in one word.

Madrid Spain – Rien: Some people think that the jobs in Spain are a relaxed life. Well, you really shouldn’t see it too much like that. If you have a job in Spain, it is really worth picking it up. I worked on a golf course in Spain (near Madrid). Many business people and those who also enjoyed lunches so much catering work. Despite the fact that it wasn’t just lazing around alone I had a nice job in Spain.

Benidorm Spain – Mark: A few months ago I arrived at Search Jobs Jobs Abroad because I was looking for jobs in Spain. A friend of mine alerted me on the site when I wanted to do something unique with a job in Spain. Together we worked together for 2 months in one of the biggest discotheques on the Costa Brava. Our job in Spain was great. Many women, little alcohol and a lot of work in the evening hours. We enjoyed it. Therefore, thank you Search Jobs Abroad for this job in Spain.