Working in America? You must arrange this in advance!

America has always been one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world. The United States is also doing well economically. So there's plenty of reason to go and work in America. Many people have sometimes thought of taking the step. Often it is only dreams. There is a lot to be done before you can actually start working in America. Don't be frightened by this? Then read on. We will deal with all the needs you need to arrange and all the things you need to know before you can work in America. 

Make sure you have a visa

Do you want to work in America? This cannot be done without a visa. However, applying for such a visa is much more difficult than expected. You have to fill in almost a complete book before you can submit your application. In addition, the U.S. government applies numerous visas. In order to determine what visa you must have, it is important that you know whether you want to work in America temporarily or permanently. Do you intend to work in America for no longer than three years? In that case, the H-1B visa is sufficient. In combination with this visa, you will also have to apply for the ESTA visa. This visa is required for anyone staying in the United States for more than 90 days. 

Would you like to settle permanently in America and look for a permanent job here? In that case, the above two visas are not enough. In that case, you will have to apply for a permanent residence and work permit. This is a lot more complex. You will have to have an immigration petition if you are at the USCIS. Have you already found a job in America? In that case, your new employer will often apply for the necessary permits for you. 

Working in America all your life

Are you planning to move permanently to America and are you not returning to your own country anymore? In that case, you must have a Green Card. If you have such a card, you will have the same rights as all Americans. However, obtaining a Green Card is easier said than done. The U.S. government receives a large number of applications for this card every year. However, only 50,000 are forgiven every year. This is done by drawing lots. In order to qualify for a 'visa for life', you must apply for the Green Card lottery. With a little luck, your name will be picked out and you will be able to live and work in America all your life!

Arrange a job before departure

As you could read above, it is not very easy to get a job in America. Nothing is impossible, however, not even in this country. However, you can make it a lot easier for yourself. How? By making sure you have a job in America before you leave for the country. In that case, your employer will make the necessary requests. Because of this you don't have to arrange anything yourself. You don't have a job yet and decide to go to America anyway? So you have to find a job within 90 days. Otherwise, your trip to the US will have been in vain. You may not work in America.  

In which sectors is there a relatively large amount of employment?

Before you start looking for a job, you will surely be curious about the sectors in which it will be relatively easy for you to find a job. Are you looking for a job in the service sector? Then you'll find a job in America relatively quickly. This is certainly the case when you have experience in the software industry, are comfortable with computers, or understand health and medicine. In America there is quite a lot of demand for people with expertise in such professions. Have you completed a technical study in your country of origin (or in another country)? Then it is certainly worthwhile to go and work in America. There are, in fact, a great many vacancies in America which require high-quality technical training.

Find a job as an expat in America

When it's your dream to work in America, you first have to look for a job. But how do you actually do that? Many people do not know how to find a job remotely in America. Do you work for an international company that also has branches in America? Then, of course, you can check whether there are any vacancies in this country. This is the easiest way to find a job in America. 

Don't you work for an international company? Then, first of all, contact the Internet to find a job in America. This is a relatively simple way to search for vacancies in America. Take a look, for example, at the website of Search Jobs Abroad. On this online platform for working abroad you will certainly find the necessary vacancies in America. Can't book a result with this either? Look at the various temporary employment agencies in America. Here you will certainly find a number of vacancies that appeal to you. 

Applying for vacancies in America

Has any of the above methods been effective? Then you will surely have found a number of vacancies in America that appeal to you. In that case, you're not there yet. In America, too, job vacancies have to be applied for. But how do you do that when you are not in America? In that case, you can't visit a company as quickly for an interview. Fortunately, almost every American company nowadays is satisfied with a digital job application. Often the vacancy does contain an e-mail address to which you can send your motivation letter and CV. Do not limit yourself to applying for only one vacancy if you want to work in America. The more job applications you send out, the greater the chance that you will find a job in America in the shortest possible time.

How much tax do you have to pay if you go to work in America?

Just like in your own country, you also have to pay income tax in America when you work there. The country has a progressive tax system. This means that you pay more tax the more you earn. In the United States, you pay tax once a year on all your income earned in the year in question. In America, a tax year always runs from April to April. At the end of each tax year you have to file a tax return. You will then automatically be informed how much you have to pay to the US tax authorities. 

Health care in America

If you are going to live and work in America, you must also insure yourself here. One of the most important insurance policies is the health insurance. After all, you want to be well insured when something happens to you when you are working in America. In recent years, however, there has been a lot of discussion about care in America. In 2010, for example, President Obama signed the Obamacare Act, which obliged every American to take out health insurance. However, President Trump introduced Trumpcare, which removes the obligation to take out health insurance. In short, care in America is currently quite complicated. Are you planning on working in America? Then the advice is to first take a closer look at the health insurance. 

What about the working culture?  

In the country where you currently work, there is a certain working culture. There is also a working culture in America. However, there is a good chance that it differs from the culture you are used to. When you go to work in America, you will probably soon notice that everything is about money. The Americans want to make as much money as possible in as little time as possible. The majority of Americans are therefore rather materialistic. Moreover, there is often little time to think about it, especially in business. Here, important decisions are taken in the shortest possible time without any thought being given to their possible consequences. 

Bonus for a good performance

The Americans attach a great deal of value to their work. They constantly feel the urge to perform well. They usually do this because bonuses and commissions are often promised when performance is good. The drive for performance is therefore great in almost every American company. When you go to work in America, you will also have to deal with this. Can't you perform under pressure? Or are you not so resistant to stress and hustle and bustle? Ask yourself if working in America is what you like. In that case, you will quickly lose the respect of your colleagues, which means that there is a chance that you will be driven out of the avenue in the shortest possible time. 

Language barrier? Not a problem!

Working abroad often brings with it the necessary problems. The biggest possible problem is a language barrier. After all, it is extremely annoying when you are unable to make yourself understood abroad. Fortunately, you don't have to be afraid of this when you go to work in America. At least, not when you can make yourself understood in English. For 82 percent of the American population, English is their mother tongue. This language is also used almost everywhere in the business world. Are you not yet proficient in the English language? Then it is certainly advisable to take a course before you start working in America!

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