Working in Singapore? So you’ll find attractive jobs!

More and more foreigners are moving to Singapore to work here. There is a chance that Singapore has also aroused your interest. The country’s economy has been growing rapidly in recent years, which means that more and more international jobs are becoming available. Especially when you are highly educated, it is very attractive to work in Singapore. But before you can work in this Asian country, of course, you want to know whether there are actually interesting jobs in Singapore. Only then will it be attractive for you to work in Singapore.

As a Dutchman, where do you find many jobs in Singapore?

If you want to work as a Dutch citizen in Singapore, you have the greatest chance of finding a job when you are highly educated. In general, Dutch people earn quite well. This means that they are not used to work in production, for example. For jobs in these sectors, Singapore focuses mainly on the cheaper workers from, for example, the Philippines. People with a lower level of education are therefore less likely to find a job in Singapore. When you are highly educated, you are well advised to focus on the more important functions at the big companies. For example, more and more multinationals are establishing themselves in this Asian country. They generally have fairly often jobs available. The chances of finding attractive jobs in Singapore are therefore greatest when you are highly educated.

Focus on the big cities

When looking for work in Singapore, it is important to address the big cities. Especially when you are highly educated this is recommended. Large companies are usually found in the largest cities of this country. The chance of finding work in Singapore is therefore the greatest when you address these big cities. Working in the outskirts of Singapore is not something that you, as a highly educated Dutchman, are waiting for. These areas are quite underdeveloped when compared to the big city. This makes it a lot more difficult to find jobs here in Singapore. Moreover, there are plenty of local residents who can carry out these jobs.

Two types of work visa

In order to work in Singapore, you must have a work visa. There are two different types of work visas available. If you only want to work in Singapore for one year, you have sufficient Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC). This certificate is also necessary when you are looking for jobs and vacancies in Singapore. When you have found a job in Singapore, you first need to apply for a Personalised Employment Pass. If you do not have such a certificate, you may not start working in Singapore.

Work visa difficult to obtain

There are two types of work visas, but it is not easy to get one. Singapore is quite strict with regard to the entry of foreigners. When you want to work in Singapore, you must be lucky that an employer is just looking for someone with your qualities. Indeed, an employer must officially indicate that he cannot find someone with such qualities in the country itself. Only then can we look at foreigners who are interesting and who can make an important contribution to a company. Someone who is highly educated is therefore more likely to find jobs in Singapore. Especially if you have a diploma from a good university, chances are quite high that you get a visa to work in Singapore.

One way ticket to Singapore

There are plenty of people who go to Singapore on the bonnefooi to work here. This is possible, but not particularly sensible. If you do not yet have a work permit, you may not stay longer than ninety days. There is little chance that you will be able to find a job in that period. Did you really not succeed within 90 days? Then you have to leave the country. When you want to work in Singapore, you are therefore also well advised to look at the different possibilities from the Netherlands. In this way, the chances are much greater that you will eventually be granted a work permit and can therefore work in the country.

Find vacancies in Singapore

As you could just read, it is not wise to go to Singapore on the bonnefooi. So first go in the Netherlands to look for vacancies in Singapore. This not only gives you more certainty, but you also know immediately what the offer is in the Asian country. For this purpose, you can contact various vacancy sites. However, the chance is not very high that you will find a job that matches your level in this way. In that case, what do you have to do to get to work in Singapore? Focus on Search Jobs Abroad. Here you will find several jobs in Singapore at different levels. This job site can help you find a job in Singapore in no time at all.

Application for vacancies in Singapore

Finding vacancies in Singapore is not particularly difficult when you address Search Jobs Abroad. Have you seen an interesting vacancy? Then it is time to apply. Luckily, you can apply to many companies in Singapore via Skype or the phone. It is therefore not necessary to travel directly to the country for a job interview. The interviews are conducted in English, as this language is the most widely spoken in the Asian country. Do not assume that you can apply directly via Skype or telephone at all companies in Singapore. Some companies want to see who they are dealing with first and invite you to a physical conversation.

Differences in the workplace

Have you found some nice jobs in Singapore? It is then easy to know how things work on the shop floor. There are indeed some important differences when we compare work in Singapore with work in the Netherlands. The working culture in Singapore, for example, is much more businesslike and direct than in the Netherlands. In addition, the working weeks in Singapore are somewhat longer than you might be used to in the Netherlands. On average they work 44 hours a week in Singapore. Don’t you like the long working weeks? Then it is wise to ask yourself whether working in Singapore is what for you.

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