Working in Canada: you need to know!

Canada is a beautiful country to travel through by car or motorhome for a few weeks. There is plenty to see and do, making a visit worthwhile. There is a big chance, however, that you don’t want to go on holiday to this country, but want to work in Canada. It’s a big step, but don’t hesitate to take up this challenge. Have you already done some research? Then you may have already found some nice vacancies in Canada. Do you still have any doubts about going to work in Canada? In the text below you can read everything you need to know about the various jobs, vacancies and work in Canada.

Make a well-considered choice

When you have decided that you want to work in Canada, you have certainly thought about it carefully. You probably discussed it with several people and the opinions of these people all included in your decision. Is the doubt still predominant? In that case, it is not wise to take the step for the time being. If you want to give up your life to work in Canada as an expat, you must of course give it your full support. After all, it would be a shame if you wanted to return to your home country within a few weeks.

Enough employment in Canada

When you want to work in Canada, of course you want to know what the employment situation is like. For example, are there enough jobs in Canada? If this is not the case, it is not attractive to give up your safe life at home. After all, you don’t feel like sitting down at home in Canada. No panic, because there is enough employment in this country, however. Although, of course, the number of jobs varies from sector to sector. However, most cities in Canada are well developed and have a strong economy. Do you want to be sure that you will find work in Canada? Then you do well to turn to the larger cities. After all, the chance of success is much greater here than in the rural area.

Vacancies in Canada

As you have just read, employment in Canada is generally reasonably good. This does not necessarily mean that there is also a place for you in your sector. To make sure you can get started, it is wise to start looking for vacancies in advance in Canada. You can do this by doing your own search on the internet, but often this is searching for a pin in a haystack. In order to find the right vacancies in Canada, it is a good idea to use Search Jobs Abroad.

Popular sectors

The most important sector in Canada is the services sector. When you start working in Canada, chances are that you will find a job here. Many Canadians also work in industry and agriculture. Are you active in your country as a truck driver, hairdresser or nurse or do you work in the financial sector? Then you will probably find that there are plenty of vacancies in Canada for these jobs. There is also plenty of work to be found in the hotel and catering industry and in tourism. In short, jobs in Canada are not particularly difficult to find.

Working culture

Do you have several jobs in Canada in mind? Then you will undoubtedly want to know more about the working culture in the country. Rest assured, because this is not very different in most respects from your own country. Canadians are hard workers who want to leave nothing to chance. The big difference with working abroad is that Canada is more competitive. Canada is also a performance-driven country. When you are going to work in Canada, you’ll probably feel fast enough to earn nice bonuses when you do your job well. Canadians want to see quick results when working. If there is a quick result, this is often rewarded with a fun fee or another kind of reward.

Work permit necessary

Before you can start working, you must have a residence and work permit. There are plenty of people looking for jobs in Canada and it is raining and applying for a permit. This means that the Canadian government is far from granting a licence to everyone. Only people who want to work in certain sectors are granted a permit. It looks at the job you want to perform in Canada. On this basis, the government will decide whether or not you will be granted a permit. Make sure you have completed your license a few months before you start working in Canada. It will take a long time before everything is settled and it would be a shame if you couldn’t start your new job in Canada on time.

The disadvantages of working in Canada

Working in Canada sounds nice, but of course there are also a number of disadvantages. If you don’t speak English, for example, it is not advisable to search for jobs or vacancies here. Or, of course, you should be prepared to take an English course to master the language. In some parts of Canada, French is also spoken. So look carefully in which region you will be working in the future. It is difficult when you are not able to speak the language that is spoken there. Another disadvantage may of course be that you will eventually miss your family and friends. When you have homesickness, it’s not wise to work in Canada. In that case, you should focus on jobs and vacancies closer to home.

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