Are you a real globetrotter and don’t you think anything more fun than living and working in England? Then Search Jobs Abroad is exactly what you’re looking for. Below you can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of a job in England, your possibilities and what you have to take care of before you respond to your first vacancy!

A job in England: All advantages in a row

Although the English working climate is not very different from the Netherlands, the country has many other advantages to offer. There are often more opportunities for people with specialised expertise and skills. But you can also go here without a Master’s degree. Unlike most countries in Europe, England in particular has experienced strong economic growth in recent years, while unemployment has fallen sharply. This has led to an increase in the number of jobs and, as a foreigner with sufficient knowledge of the English language, you can often have a good career.

Because of this economic growth, salaries have improved and are on average higher than in the Netherlands.

Jobs in England: The disadvantages

As in every country, there are disadvantages attached to working in England. The main disadvantage is the higher living costs you face, which are often offset by higher wages.

Vacancies in England

England is a beautiful country, but it is also large and diverse. This diversity gives you a wider choice when you are looking for a suitable place to live.

London is a popular choice, not only does the metropolis offer the greatest opportunity to get work, the city is also an attractive choice to live. Search Jobs Abroad offers a wide range of vacancies in London.

Less obvious cities are also an attractive option for job-seekers. The cities that have experienced the highest employment growth in recent years are Oxford, Cambridge and Southampton. If you want to live more quietly and still be able to make use of everything that a larger city has to offer, then look at vacancies in Bristol.

Working visa England

At the time of writing, you as an EEA citizen do not yet need a visa to work in England. After the finalisation of Brexit, this may be different. The company where you are going to work can provide you with all the necessary information about this.

Why Search Jobs Jobs Abroad?

Finding a good job abroad is not easy. Often you don’t know exactly where to look and what you need to respond to vacancies. Search Jobs Abroad makes it easy for you. We offer over 1000 vacancies abroad and help you find the right job for you in England with our advanced search engine.

You can also upload your CV in a few simple steps, so that foreign companies can also find you. You will be kept informed via a free email alert and can count on clear advice to find the job of your dreams. And to make it even more attractive, we also offer examples of CVs and motivation letters that help you distinguish yourself from the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Find suitable vacancies in England now!

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