Wouldn’t you like nothing more than exploring the world, while you just take care of your own bread on the table? Then a job in Portugal is perhaps exactly what you are looking for. In this article you will discover what Portugal has to offer in terms of employment, but you will also learn what you have to watch out for before you respond to your first vacancy!

What are the benefits of working in Portugal?

The first thing you think of at a job in Portugal is probably sun, sea and beach. And although this is certainly a great advantage over the Netherlands, Portugal has much more to offer. The Mediterranean climate makes Portugal a real attraction for tourists. It is precisely in this sector that there is a lot to be done in the area of employment, even if you do not yet (fully) master the language. With a good knowledge of the English language, you can still fall foul in the tourist industry.

Of course, there are also possibilities in other branches of industry, but you have to take into account a basic requirement for the Portuguese language.

What are the disadvantages of a job in Portugal?

As in many European countries (and countries worldwide), the Portuguese economy has also suffered a major blow. As a result, salaries have risen less than in the Netherlands, for example. However, the cost of living in Portugal is much lower, so that you can still make a good living with a slightly lower salary.

Vacancies in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful but small country. It counts just over half the population of the Netherlands, only 10 million.

The country is also diverse, for example you can choose to work in the interior or in the coastal areas. For most tourists, the coastal areas are of course the most popular areas, so it will be easier to find vacancies in Portugal for the tourist industry.

As a capital and coastal city, Lisbon has a wide range of jobs for foreigners, but do not forget to consider other beautiful cities as well. For example, Porto is a particularly popular city, as is Faro.

Need a visa for Portugal?

As a passport holder of a country in the European Union, you do not currently need a visitor or work visa to live and work in Portugal. If you are a passport holder from another country, the Portuguese embassy will be able to give you more information about the requirements for a work visa.

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