Jobs in Porto: living and working in an attractive city 

Porto is an attractive port city in Portugal with the old centre of Ribeira that lies on the river Douro. The attractive centre is characterised by narrow streets with colourful houses. That makes you happy every time you go to live here and go to work. If you want to work in this beautiful city, there is a wide range of jobs available in Porto.

Living and working in Porto is an adventure you will remember for a lifetime. You will immerse yourself in a different culture and enjoy every experience. The fact that the sun shines a lot is ideal. After work, you can visit a terrace by the water and of course order a glass of Port. You eat there both at lunchtime and in the evening extensively and that is still very cheap here in Porto. Do you feel like living, working and living in Portugal? The offer of vacancies in Porto is ready for you.

Get to know life in Porto in advance

Life in Porto is different from what you are used to here and that makes living and working there an unforgettable experience. It is of course important to get to know this vibrant city a little better. You will get to know the impressive metal bridge over the Doura with the name Ponte Dom Louis I.

Or maybe you'll travel by train and discover how beautiful the São Bento train station is. Here you look at twenty thousand tiles that form an impressive work of art. Do you know what else is fun? The street art you see everywhere in Porto and embellishes the streetscape. 

To get to work, there are various forms of transport. For example with the city bus or via the express tram network. In your free time, it is nice to take a boat trip or a cable car. You can also quickly get to know Porto in a fun way by taking the antique tram. Do you like culture and history? If you are not at work, it is definitely recommended to visit the golden churches of Porto. 

Or the Sé Porto cathedral which is located high in the old centre. For daily shopping visit one of the many supermarkets. Or you can go to a local shop to buy your food and drinks. This is also possible on the market do Bolhão. Just start dreaming about your future and take advantage of the jobs in Porto.

Work in Porto with diversity in jobs

The offer of vacancies in Porto provides a diversity of jobs. You have several options to work in this Portuguese city. For example, would you like to work at a call centre? There are regular jobs in Porto to work as a customer service agent. The advantage is that you don't need to know Portuguese if you are going to work for a Dutch company. There are also numerous other vacancies in Porto that do require knowledge of the Portuguese language. Or at least English if you want to work in the ICT sector. 

Other sectors with a diverse range of vacancies vary from the healthcare sector to the hospitality sector and from business services to the fashion industry. It is advisable, however, to study and adapt to the working culture. This is slightly different from what you are used to, such as with regard to hierarchical relationships. The atmosphere on the work floor is usually relaxed and pleasant. For many jobs in Porto, the earnings are lower than you might be used to. On the other hand, daily life is much cheaper and the rents for a studio, apartment or house are lower.

Nice areas in Porto to live in

If you find the ideal job in the Porto vacancies listings, a new life is just around the corner. First of all, of course, apply for a job with your catchy CV and cover letter. Once you have been accepted, there is still a lot to arrange. For example, where you are going to live in Porto. It is a city with about 250,000 inhabitants and there are several nice districts. For example, the district of Campanha just outside the historic center. If you go to live here, you will experience a village character just like in so many other neighborhoods. Campanha is characterized by the presence of cozy squares and many green parks. 

Do you like to live in a more vibrant environment in Porto. Then the Baixa district is ideal with cosy bars, fantastic restaurants in the heart of Porto. It is also great to live by the sea in Matosinhos. There lives here a mix of foreigners and locals. Matosinhos is in that respect a popular neighborhood. Here you will find a large shopping center, nice promenade and not to mention the best seafood restaurants. The district of Ramalde is growing when it comes to the popularity to live here in one of the cozy neighborhoods.

Cheap living in Porto

It is really cheap living in Porto with rooms that can be rented for two hundred euros per month. Or with an apartment in the heart of the city for 400 euros. In the neighborhoods outside the center, renting an apartment is even cheaper. It is also always possible to rent accommodation with a roommate. It may be difficult to search at a distance. Have you succeeded in finding a job based on the range of vacancies in Porto? 

If you are unable to find accommodation quickly, it is also possible to first stay in a hostel at an advantageous price. It is easier to search if you are present in Porto. Of course, you can find the ideal job from here with the wide range of jobs in Porto. That's where your adventure begins in a sunny country with fantastic opportunities in the city of Porto.

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