Jobs in Lisbon: living, working and relaxing life

As the capital Lisbon is also the largest city of Portugal and built on seven hills. If you want to work in Portugal, Lisbon is of course your favorite. More than half a million inhabitants live there. Maybe you will soon be one of them if you take advantage of the jobs available in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital is rapidly growing in popularity as a place to live and work. One of the reasons for this is that there are more and more options for expats to find a job there.

The city of Lisbon is located on the right bank of the Tagus near the Atlantic Ocean. If you are going to work and live here then it is ideal to get to know the city in a touristic way. For example by visiting sights such as Baixa Pombalina. That is the lower town and here you will find, among other things, the famous square Rossio. Above the city is the Castelo de São Jorge. It is definitely worth making this climb.

Discover Lisbon where you will live and work

Lisbon is so big that you never really get to know the city when you go to live and work there. Maybe all you are doing right now is looking at jobs in Lisbon. It might be faster than you think and then it's ideal to make plans in advance. For example, how you are going to get to know the city. One way to do that is by making a tour with Tram 28. 

You will then pass many places of interest during the tram ride, which takes fifty minutes. The starting point is at Praça do Martim Moniz and the tour takes you through the districts of Baixa, Graça and Alfama. It is also nice to walk along the banks of the Tagus. There you'll see the impressive defense tower, Torre de Bélem. In the district of Bélem take some time to taste a pastéis de nata. It's a famous sweet treat in Lisbon. Then you might also visit Ponte 25 de Abril. That is an impressive suspension bridge and provides a fantastic view over the river. 

But that's not the only thing. Under this bridge on the bank there is a varied entertainment center. The nightclubs, bars and restaurants are located at the marina in old warehouses. Here is also a pick-up point for a trip on water and land with the Hippotrip. There is still a place to discover if you are going to live and work in Lisbon. That is the food hall Time Out Market or in Portuguese ´Mercado de Ribeira´. In this food hall you will find cuisines from famous restaurants in a kiosk. There is a large square in the middle to have a nice meal. In the large halls there is also a fresh market to buy fruit, vegetables and fish.

Of course you don't go to Lisbon just to work there. It is a city where you can enjoy your free time in all kinds of ways. In the summer it is great to go to one of the beaches. Or to sit on a terrace from noon until the evening and have dinner afterwards. The Portuguese do that late in the evening again after the extensive lunch. There are several large parks in the city where it is pleasant to stay. For example, look for the shade when it is a hot summer day in the Parque Eduardo VII. To eat out, it is really nice to go to one of the fado houses. They are small restaurants known for their fado music.

Vacancies in Lisbon for expats

There are plenty of great career opportunities available in Lisbon for you. In fact, there are jobs in Lisbon where you only need to speak your own language. For example when it comes to the job of customer service employee for English, Dutch, French or Spanish companies. Do you speak Portuguese? In that case there are other jobs available for you in Lisbon. 

Of course you will have an extra advantage if you speak English. Most jobs require you to provide accommodation yourself. However, there are also providers who will arrange an apartment for you when you come to work in Lisbon. When it comes to employment in Lisbon, there are several sectors to work in. For example, when it comes to the IT sector or in the tourism and hospitality sector.

What are nice neighborhoods in Lisbon?

The centre of Lisbon is of course fantastic to live in. The rents here are very high. Just take into account rentals of over 1,000 euros for a studio. The suburbs are cheaper to live in. Or on the other side of the river, where it is even cheaper. Alfama is one of the oldest neighborhoods of the stand at the mouth of the Tagus. 

It is a really old working-class neighborhood with narrow streets and a remarkable amount of bird sounds in cages of the residents. The Bairro Alta is the car-free upper town with a popular nightlife area. It is also the place to be when it comes to vintage & design. Baixa is the lower town with wide streets and beautiful squares and with the most famous shopping street. Originally a fishing village, Bélem is now a trendy nightlife area. The Cacilhas district is across the river and Marvila is a creative district with street art and trendy restaurants.

Social life

The job vacancies in Lisbon are a first step towards starting a new life in Portugal. You then combine working with living and of course you want to build a social life. That starts with getting to know your new colleagues. If you would like to integrate further, learning the Portuguese language is recommended. Young people usually speak English, but mastering Portuguese is an advantage. It is also easier to get by if you have to go to government agencies or if you want to visit the doctor.

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