Jobs in Madrid: living, working and enjoying life

Do you ever think about working in Madrid? In this largest city of Spain you will find a wide range of jobs. The vacancies in Madrid meet all kinds of education and levels. If you're going to live and work here, your life will be a series of experiences. Madrid is a city that lives and breathes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Approximately 3.5 million people live here and if you look at the metropolis with its suburbs almost double the number.

Madrid is of course a city with many sights. If you're just here, it's an ideal way to get to know it. For example, you can visit Palacio Real for free on Wednesdays. That is the largest palace in Europe. You'll probably also walk past the street artists at Plaza del Mayor and Puerta de Sol. It's also a great way to relax at the weekend in Parque del Buen Retiro.

Excellent quality of life in Madrid

In a gigantic metropolis, you don't think you'll find the best quality of life first. Yes, you do. The quality of life in Madrid is excellent. That's one reason why so many people are looking for jobs in Madrid. Who wouldn't want to live and work in a beautiful Spanish city where there is always something to do. Life is busy and hectic, but you still don't experience it that way. 

Everyone has their own pace here, because of course it remains a Spanish city. The high quality of life is partly due to the Spanish culture. There is a lot of attention for the meals. Except for breakfast, which is the least important. That doesn't apply to the extensive lunch and the late evening meal. Keep in mind that in Madrid you only eat late. When in colder European countries the kitchens of restaurants close, the tables in Madrid only fill up with guests.  For a small snack and drink, Madrid is of course known for its tapas bars. These are usually delicious culinary delights that give your day extra pleasure.

The summer is an ideal time to visit a terrace after work with colleagues. Is it the weekend? Then you go into the nightlife and visit one of the many clubs in this fun city. If you take advantage of the work in Madrid and start living there, you are not the only one. There is a large international expat community of young and old people from all over the world. It is therefore often easy to make contact and build a social network. 

You will quickly feel at home there and that is also due to the open character of this Spanish city. In your free time there is plenty of space to enjoy the culture and history of this city. Or you can go sporting on an individual basis or by registering at a sports club. Sunday is a rest day, but not in Madrid. It's a day on which everyone takes to the streets to eat out. Or to sit on a terrace or walk on the El Rastro flea market.

Lots of diversity in jobs in Madrid

One of the advantages of this gigantic city is that there is a diversity of vacancies in Madrid. Maybe you'll end up working in the financial district of Madrid, like on the Paseo de la Castellana. Here you will also find the famous football stadium Santiago Bernabéu. Or are you looking for another job? There are also job vacancies in Madrid to guide tourists around. There are also plenty of jobs in the hospitality industry, at travel agencies and in shops. 

It's an advantage if you have mastered the Spanish language, because your possibilities will be a bit wider. By the way, Madrid is also a great place to do an internship at one of the major international companies. The range of work in Madrid is so diverse that there is bound to be a job for you. By the way, it's always advisable to familiarize yourself with the Spanish language. You move to another country and still want to make yourself understood and understood there.

Living in Madrid: districts with their own character

Madrid is so huge that there is no single urban culture. In this city, the neighborhoods each have their own identity. For example, Chueca as an authentic neighborhood in the city center that is very popular. This is a vibrant district full of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops. Retiro is known as the oldest district, but is actually a place where many young people and students live. This district is located right next to the Retiro park. In the district Lavapiés live many immigrants from Asia and the Caribbean. 

Here you will find a diversity of international restaurants and shops. Have you seen a vacancy in Madrid with a fantastic high salary? If that job is yours, you might want to live in Aravaca. This is the most expensive district of Madrid which is characterized by parks and detached houses. The Latina district is again known for the Rastro flea market. To go to work from where you live, the metro offers a solution. Or the express tram line, Metrol Ligero, which partly has an underground network.

High rents in Madrid

After a successful search in the offer with vacancies in Madrid, the application follows. Once hired, it is time to prepare for departure to Spain. It is important to know that if you are going to work in Spain the rents are quite high in Madrid. However, the average salary is higher than in the rest of Spain. Nevertheless, many people choose to share an apartment (piso compartido) in order to reduce costs. Maybe something to think about.

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