Jobs in Barcelona: fantastic city to work in Spain

Barcelona is a fantastic city to work in Spain. It is the second largest city in the country after the capital. If you live and work here, you'll live in a vibrant Mediterranean city in Catalonia and on the Costa del Maresme.

Looking for vacancies in Barcelona? There are plenty of vacancies in Barcelona for you to start working quickly. For example, in the hospitality industry or in tourism. Or maybe you would like to work in a call centre in Barcelona or in business services. Would you like to work in a historic, cultural and contemporary city in Spain?

Living and working in Barcelona: a unique experience

It is a unique experience to live and work in Barcelona. An experience that teaches you life lessons, but above all brings you a lot of fun. If you've just arrived in this metropolis, it's as if you're on holiday. You work there of course, but you also want to get to know the city. 

You might want to visit the fantastic buildings of Antoni Gaudí, such as the Sagrada Familia. Or you can take part in a guided tour of Camp Nou as FC Barcelona's stadium. 

Of course you can also walk along the boulevard La Rambla in your free time and grab a terrace whenever you can. You have to get used to the food times. In Barcelona and in the rest of Spain it is quite normal to dine after 21.00 hours (la cena). Every day after work it is nice to be outside and have a drink or a bite to eat. That is life in Spain. 

Don't have to work the next day? Then you just make it a bit later and visit one of the many clubs in Barcelona. The location on the beach makes it possible to enjoy the sun in your spare time. The sun shines a lot and in the summer it is nice and warm with an average of 35 degrees Celsius. 

Do you prefer the shade? Then there are many parks to relax, such as Park Güell and Parc de la Ciutadella. Are you ready for some crowds after that? Then visit the busiest shopping street in Spain, Portal de l'Angel, where thousands of people walk every hour. By the way, did you know that the inhabitants of Barcelona mainly speak Catalan? That does not alter the fact that with Spanish (Castilian) you are also understandable.

Work in Barcelona: catering, tourism, call centre and Spanish companies

There is a wide range of vacancies available in Barcelona. This is ideal if you want to find a nice job. In fact, it's perfect that you also have a choice of Dutch jobs in Barcelona. The advantage is that you don't have to know the Spanish language in order to work there. The type of vacancies varies from permanent jobs to holiday work and from internships to fixed term jobs. Do you know the Spanish language or Catalan? In that case there are many more vacancies in Barcelona for you. 

For example, Spanish companies that are looking for trained personnel for certain vacancies. Are you looking for Dutch-speaking jobs? Then it is possible to work in a call centre. Or if you also speak other languages, the catering industry is of course also an option. It is useful to have some basic knowledge of the Spanish language when living in Barcelona. Or prepare yourself well and take a language course if you see a long future ahead of you in Spain.

Economy in Barcelona

It is of course a bit cliché when it comes to vacancies in Barcelona and you are looking for tourism. Or in the hospitality industry or in a call centre. The economy in this metropolis has much more to offer than jobs in these sectors. It is a trading city with work in the textile, electronics, automotive and chemical sectors. In addition, there is an extensive service sector. There are also vacancies in Barcelona in banking, logistics, IT and media. Do you have serious plans to build a future in Spain? Then it is definitely worth checking out the vacancies in Barcelona in these areas as well.

What you need to know about working in Barcelona

Barcelona is a modern city, but there is a completely different working culture. Here you may be used to always have your say. In Spain, there is still a real hierarchy on the work floor. Moreover, the working hours at Spanish companies are often different. You will then first work from morning to afternoon. Then you return to work at the end of the afternoon until the beginning of the evening. That's another reason why you don't eat in Spain until after 9pm. 

At noon you have the advantage of enjoying a siesta. By the way, more and more companies are moving away from this working model and are using Dutch working hours more often. Another aspect to take into account is the level of the salary. The available vacancies in Barcelona often show a lower salary than you are used to. Do you want to earn more? Then it's a good idea to take a look at the vacancies in Barcelona at the Dutch companies. Moreover, there are few part-time vacancies available. The majority of the vacancies relate to full-time jobs.

Social contact is very important in the workplace. This is ideal if you are going to work in Barcelona from the Netherlands and you don't know many people yet. Furthermore, you are entitled to holidays and during the year there are always holidays when you don't have to work. Exceptions are possible, for example in the hospitality and care sector. The month of August is really a holiday month in Spain, although this is less noticeable in Barcelona with all the tourism.

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