Are you working in Turkey? You will find a job that suits you!

Turkey has been in the news recently on numerous occasions with negative news. So you would think it is not really attractive to apply for vacancies in Turkey. Yet there are still enough Dutch people who want to work in Turkey. After all, the climate is much more favourable than in the Netherlands and there are also quite a few jobs to be found. The economy in Turkey is recovering considerably. In fact, Turkey is expected to be one of the world’s most important economic countries in more than 30 years’ time. So working in Turkey does indeed have advantages. But how can you actually find a job in this country that suits you? Read on quickly if you are still excited about working abroad.

Popular sectors

Every year, many tourists from all over the world travel to Turkey to celebrate holidays or visit family. That is why the tourism industry is also extremely popular in this country. When you want to work in Turkey, you get a job relatively easily. This may not really be the dream job you have in mind. Are you looking for jobs that suit you better? You can also then address yourself to Turkey. Indeed, many Turkish companies are looking with some regularly trained foreigners who want to work for their company. Do you have the ambition to work as a doctor or judge in Turkey? Then save yourself the trouble. Indeed, only Turks are eligible for the jobs available in these sectors. There are also many jobs available in the industrial sector.

Find vacancies in Turkey

If you are looking for jobs in Turkey that fit in your street, you will of course first look for vacancies. There is a great chance that you will first address yourself to the internet. To do this, you will probably use a search engine. In this way you will indeed find a number of vacancies in Turkey. However, it is questionable whether these are also vacancies that appeal to you. Usually, vacancies are offered which do not require a high level of training. These jobs can be performed by almost anyone. Are you looking for jobs in Turkey of a certain level? Then Search Jobs Abroad is perhaps something of yours. This is a job site where you will find various vacancies in Turkey. Also for highly educated people, vacancies and jobs can often be found here in Turkey. This makes it considerably easier to find a job in this country.

What kind of work culture prevails?

Before you apply for all kinds of jobs, you naturally want to know how things are going on in the workplace. As you probably expect, there are a number of differences with the work in the Netherlands. In many Turkish companies, for example, there are still several classes available. Personnel, for example, are subordinate to the boss. The Turkish employees also expect you to behave like a boss when you start working as a manager within a company in Turkey. Don’t you do this? Then there is a good chance that your staff will not take you seriously. If you are not going to work as a boss in Turkey, you have to do what he says. Self-initiating has little meaning and is usually neither appreciated.

Dutch people welcome to work in Turkey

Unemployment in Turkey is relatively high. Many countries with high unemployment are not happy with the arrival of foreigners. However, this is different in Turkey. Companies here don’t mind at all when you want to work as a Dutchman in Turkey. In fact, they often receive you with open arms. Your knowledge can help the company to develop further. As a result, many jobs in Turkey are held by Dutch people. If you want to work in Turkey, you should not be held back by the high unemployment rate. Especially when you have a good education, chances are that you will soon find a job in Turkey.

bilingual Dutchman in favor of the Dutch citizen

As a Dutchman, do you have a linguistic knob? Then chances are that you will find a job in Turkey. Many Turkish companies have a preference for bilingual foreigners. However, many Dutch people are not able to speak the Turkish language. If you want to find a job in Turkey relatively quickly, you should take Turkish lessons. You will then in any case score positive points at the companies you are applying for. For many companies, it is sufficient for you to speak fluent English. Many Turks do not speak English very well. If you want to work quickly in Turkey, it is therefore an advantage if you have knowledge of both English and Turkish. So do your advantage with this!

Visa to work in Turkey

When you go on holiday to Turkey, you must apply for a visa as a Dutch citizen. However, if you want to work there, a work permit is necessary. There are several work permits available to work in Turkey. For example, there is a temporary work permit. This is sufficient if you work in Turkey for a maximum of one year. This permit can be renewed up to a maximum of three years. Have you been legally resident in Turkey for eight years? Then you can get a permanent work permit. There is also an independent work permit for foreigners who have lived legally and continuously in Turkey for five years and who wish to work as self-employed persons. Finally, there is also an exceptional work permit for special situations. This is the case, for example, when your partner is Turkish and you want to emigrate to the country.

How to apply for a work permit?

You can already apply for a work permit for Turkey in the Netherlands. If you want to work in Turkey, it is wise to start your application in time. Applying for a visa as a holidaymaker can often be arranged within 24 hours, but this is usually not the case with a work permit. However, it is easier to apply for your work permit in Turkey. If you have found a job there, your employer can make the application for you. This is a lot easier, because your Turkish employer knows exactly what a work permit you need to have. This allows you to arrange the correct permit immediately and prevents the necessary problems. You may not start working in Turkey until you have the work permit.