What do you have to do before you can work in Thailand?

Although Thailand is not very close to home, more and more Dutch people are working there. The climate is favourable and the economy is also booming. Because of this latter fact, more and more jobs are becoming available in Thailand. This of course makes it a lot more attractive to work there. But before you can actually get to work there, there is a lot of work to be done. It is not only a plane ticket and home. No, there is a lot more to it. Below you can read everything you need to arrange before you can work in Thailand.

Work permit

You must have a work permit before you can actually get to work in Thailand. However, obtaining such a licence is not exactly easy. You have to have sufficient qualifications. These qualifications must also relate to the position you are applying for. In the first instance, it is always checked whether Thai people are not available to carry out the profession in question. If you meet the qualifications and there are no Thai people who can do this work, there is a good chance that you will be eligible for a work permit.

Job search in Thailand

Besides the fact that you must have a work permit to work in Thailand, you also have to apply. Before you can submit your applications, you must of course have a few jobs in mind. To do this, you first have to look for vacancies. But how are you looking for vacancies in Thailand? You will soon notice that many job vacancy sites do not offer jobs in Thailand. Registering with a temporary employment agency is also not really handy. To find a number of jobs in this Asian country, you should turn to Search Jobs Abroad. This job site has several vacancies available in Thailand. This gives you an instant overview of which jobs are available in this country. This way, you immediately know which vacancies in Thailand you can apply for.

Many jobs in large cities

In Thailand there is a considerable difference between the big cities and the countryside. Not only do many more people live in the city, but the cities are also much more developed than the countryside. When you are looking for jobs in Thailand, it is wise to contact the major cities in the country. It is not for nothing that multinationals and other large companies are relocating to the major cities in Thailand. These are easy to reach in terms of transport and this is important in order to keep the company running smoothly. When you want to work in Thailand, it is therefore a good idea to apply for vacancies in the country’s largest cities.

Demand for Dutch

Residents of Thailand are by no means always able to fulfil all functions in the country. This is often because they do not have sufficient knowledge. For example, not every Thai can speak Thai English for a long time. This works to your advantage as a Dutch citizen. If you have a command of the English language, chances are that you will be able to find a number of suitable jobs in Thailand. In particular, Dutch people who want to become English teachers at a school in Thailand have a good chance of finding a job in this country. In addition, there is also a great demand for highly educated foreigners to be part of the management of large companies. The knowledge of Dutch people can often be used well to develop the companies. In Thailand they will welcome you with open arms.

Low wages in Thailand

Despite the beautiful climate and the growing economy, there are also a number of disadvantages at work in Thailand. One of these disadvantages relates to wages. In Thailand, many people have to settle for an income of several hundred euros a month, considerably less than what is earned in the Netherlands. And that is not exactly a fat pot. Fortunately, for Dutch people who are going to work in Thailand, there is often a bit more in the barrel. This is certainly the case when you address the larger companies. Generally speaking, these are often multinational companies based in several countries. They are often happy with the advent of Dutch experience and knowledge to their company and usually pay a considerable fee in return.