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It may not be the first best country you think of when you want to work abroad, but Switzerland is certainly a good option. It is not a great big country, but that does not mean that the economy is not good. That is the case. There are often enough jobs to find in Switzerland. Is your interest aroused now? Beautiful! In the text below you will find out all about working in Switzerland.

Relatively high salary

Have you ever been on holiday in Switzerland? Then you will surely have experienced that life in this country is not exactly cheap. With the salary you earn as a Dutch citizen, Switzerland is indeed on the price side. However, when you start working in Switzerland, this will change. Why? Because wages in Switzerland are much higher than in the Netherlands. Indeed, salaries in Switzerland are so high that virtually no other country in the European Union can match this. From a financial point of view, it is therefore certainly attractive to work in Switzerland.

Different languages

Are you looking for a job? Please be aware that different languages are spoken in Switzerland. In Switzerland, they even have four official languages. As the country lies between Germany, France and Italy, these three languages are spoken in Switzerland. The fourth language is Reto-Roman. If you want to work in Switzerland, you should also speak these languages. In order to prevent you from learning an unnecessary language, you should find out in which area you are applying for vacancies and what language they speak here. In most areas, only one specific language is spoken.

Working hard

Are you a hard worker? Then work in Switzerland is made for you. The fact is that the average Swiss works very hard. When you start working in a factory in Switzerland, you may work up to 45 hours a week. This does not mean that you can walk off the edges, because the work must always be finished. For office jobs the maximum is 50 hours per week. Incidentally, this is laid down in Swiss law. As this is laid down by law, overtime is not common. Do you have to work overtime unexpectedly? Then your employer has to pay a 25% surcharge from the government on this. This can be quite expensive for your employer.

Looking for vacancies

Before you can work in Switzerland, you want to know what kind of vacancies are available. In that case, many people choose to turn to the internet. They look for terms such as’ working in Switzerland’ and then see whether anything interesting is emerging. Of course this opportunity is present, but experience shows that it is rather difficult to find suitable vacancies. If you are looking for a high position in Switzerland, you will probably find it difficult. Why? Because most people do not know where to go for such vacancies. At Search Jobs Abroad, however, we know this all too well. We are happy to help you find work in Switzerland. Please feel free to contact our job site and check out what we have to offer you in the field of working in Switzerland.

What is a lot of work to find in?

There are many jobs available in certain sectors in Switzerland. There is considerable employment, particularly in tourism. Thousands of tourists come to Switzerland’s high mountains every year to go on winter sports. However, this often involves seasonal work. Do you want to work permanently in Switzerland and emigrate from the Netherlands? Then you are probably looking for a full-time job. When you have experience in healthcare, you have quickly found a job in Switzerland. Indeed, there is a great demand for personnel in Swiss hospitals. There is also often a demand for people with management experience, who can be of added value for the top of the large companies in Switzerland.

Discuss salary during application

Have you found a vacancy in Switzerland and successfully applied for it? Then you can probably come to a job interview. Most Dutch people are always curious about what they will earn when applying for vacancies. In Switzerland, however, this is not being abandoned so quickly. Where there is often already a salary indication for a vacancy, you do not have to count on it here in Switzerland. When interviewing a job interview, it is not really useful to start immediately. There is often room for discussion and negotiation, but it should not be the main theme. If you do so, there is a good chance that the job in Switzerland will be missed. Of course, that would be a great pity.

Without problems at work in Switzerland

Since Switzerland is part of the European Union, you do not need a residence permit if you want to work here. So you can just travel to the country without having to arrange everything first. It is not necessary to have a job before going to Switzerland. Is it not possible to find a job within three months? No panic. You can extend this period once by three months. If you have found a job within six months, you will receive a final residence permit. As soon as you arrive in Switzerland, it is necessary to register with the municipality in which you are staying.

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