How do you find a job in Sweden?

Are you really crazy about Sweden? Then you might think of definitely establishing yourself here. When you consider this, you will of course have to make the necessary arrangements in advance. It is not just a question of buying a house. To be able to pay for this house, you must also have a job. But what about the jobs in Sweden? For example, are there vacancies available in the country? And how do you actually go about looking for a job here?

Find vacancies in Sweden

When companies in Sweden are looking for employees, they often do not find them through the temporary employment agency. Temporary employment agencies are not really popular in this country. Sweden often find its way to the right organisations that can help them find a job, but for outsiders this is often a lot more difficult. You can start searching on the internet at first, but there is a chance that you will not find a suitable job in this way. Many vacancies are offered in Swedish. Of course, there are also some multinationals present in this country. They often communicate their vacancies in English. Are you still looking for suitable vacancies in Sweden but can’t you find anything? Take a look at Search Jobs Abroad for a vacancy abroad. Here you will find various vacancies in Sweden.

Swedish government makes it easier to find vacancies

There are relatively many foreigners who want to work in Sweden. The Swedish Government is well aware of this. In order not to miss out on a good workforce, the government is helping to find work. For example, the government makes a sort of shortlist of professions for which there is a lot of demand. This list is regularly updated, so you know exactly what kind of people you are asking for. Thanks to this list, you already know where you stand when you want to work in Sweden. After all, you know what a profession’s question is and can therefore be addressed to these professions.

Remote application at a distance

Before you decide to settle down definitively in Sweden, of course you want to have your affairs in order. Of course, this also includes a job in the country of destination. In order to find a job in Sweden, it is not necessary that you are also registered as a resident. It is therefore possible to apply for vacancies before you emigrate. And say: it’s so easy that you have found a job before you take the final step? Provide a short but powerful motivation letter and update your CV so that it is recent. This increases the chance that you will be hired for the vacancy in Sweden.

In which sectors can you find easy work?

As in most countries, there are certain sectors in Sweden where there is relatively high demand for labour. So if you want to work in Sweden, you can have a head start if you have experience in these areas. There are especially many vacancies in healthcare, construction, IT, education and the business world. Drivers, butchers, waiters, waiters, bakers and cooks also never have to look for a long job in Sweden. Indeed, many residents of this Scandinavian country do not find it particularly attractive to occupy such positions. Sweden, for example, prefers to work as a seller, journalist, photographer, administrative employee or driver. Do you practice any of these professions in the Netherlands? Then you have to ask yourself whether it is wise to work in Sweden.

Need paperwork to work in Sweden?

If you want to work as a Dutch national in Sweden, it is not necessary to apply for a residence permit. Sweden is also part of the European Union. The same applies to work in Sweden. As an EU citizen, it is also not necessary to have a work permit. When you emigrate to Sweden and want to live and work in Sweden for a longer period of time, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit. The first three months you can start working in Sweden without paperwork, but for a longer period of time you have to arrange the necessary paperwork.

Working days and holidays

Can you like to work at home? Then working in Sweden is really something for you. Most Sweden works regularly from home. Many sectors work from 08.00 to 17.00 hours, which means little difference with the Netherlands. Of course, this may differ per sector. Do you think this is too long a working day? Rest assured, because nowadays we are also experimenting with working days of six hours. In addition to reasonable working hours, most Sweden often also have long holidays. This is therefore certainly an advantage when you work in Sweden.

What do you get paid?

For a job in Sweden you usually get a reasonable fee. Of course this depends on the position you hold. However, don’t count yourself rich when you are appointed as a manager of a Swedish company. In such a position, you do not earn as much as in the Netherlands. This is mainly because the hierarchical differences in Sweden are much smaller than in the Netherlands. The manager and his staff are fairly equal and there is a lot of consultation. This also means that a manager is automatically paid less salary. The gender pay gap is relatively small.

Make sure you learn the language quickly

Do you want to find a job in Sweden quickly? Then it is good to learn the language quickly. Where you can still work in many other countries when speaking a reasonable word of English, this is much less the case in Sweden. Knowledge of the Swedish language is a requirement for a large number of vacancies. If you want to work in Sweden, it is wise to follow a Swedish course. Do this, preferably, for some time before you move to the country. Because of this, you will soon be speaking a reasonable word of Swedish when you have found a job here.