As a Dutchman, how do you find vacancies in Suriname?

Suriname used to be part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This means that many Dutch people choose to work in Suriname. Although the country is now independent, many Dutch people are still applying for jobs in this South American country. Are you also looking at the idea of working in Suriname? It is important to find some vacancies first.

In the text below you can read exactly how you, as a Dutchman, work with finding vacancies in Suriname. In addition, we will briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working in Suriname so that you can find your way around the international job search.

Search for vacancies in Suriname on the internet

Are you looking for vacancies in Suriname? Then you will probably first address yourself to the internet. In that case, you will soon find out that it is not particularly difficult to find vacancies in Suriname. Why not? Because Dutch is the most important language in this country. The lion’s share of the vacancies in Suriname is therefore offered in Dutch. This, of course, makes it much easier to identify what kind of jobs are available in the country. Vacancies can also be offered in English, as this language is also widely spoken in Suriname.

Take a look at Search Jobs Jobs Abroad

The offer on vacancy sites is often large. This also applies when you want to work in Suriname. However, it may still be the case that there is no suitable job for you. In that case, you may decide to work in Suriname for what it is and you will continue to work in the Netherlands. However, it does not require anything. After all, you have not yet taken a look at Search Jobs Abroad. This is a job site specifically aimed at working abroad. If you want to work in Suriname, chances are that you will find a suitable job here. Here you can search specifically for jobs in Suriname, so that you immediately know what the possibilities are.

Does it make sense to register with temporary employment agencies?

In the Netherlands there are a number of temporary employment agencies that are focused on finding jobs in Suriname. You can of course also register here, but the question is only whether this is wise. When you have followed a high level study, this is probably not interesting. You will probably experience that soon enough, then, that the temporary employment agencies often only offer jobs below your level. Of course, this is not really a challenge for you in the first instance, and there is often no excessive compensation for it. When you’re looking for jobs that match your own level, it’s a good idea to focus on Search Jobs Abroad.

What do you need to know before you start looking for vacancies in Suriname?

Many Dutch people already have their prejudices about working in Surinam. For example, things are all very relaxed and there is less hard work than in the Netherlands. This may seem so, but it is often not the case. When you start working in Suriname, you can expect to work a longer working week than in the Netherlands. For example, Surinamese people are used to working about ten hours a day, and in addition they often work six days a week. It is therefore important that you do not underestimate your work in Suriname. There is a big chance that you will have to work a lot harder here than you are used to in the Netherlands. So that’s a big hit when you work in Suriname!

Apply for a work permit before you start looking for jobs

Have you found a number of vacancies and would you like to work in Suriname? Then it is important to have a work permit. Since Suriname is now independent from the Netherlands, a work permit is necessary. When you start working in Suriname, the employer arranges the application for the permit. You have to sign it as an employee. To obtain the work permit, you must be able to demonstrate by means of diplomas that you are suitable for performing the job in question. If this is indeed the case and all documents are in order, you will receive your work permit. Only when you have a work permit, you are allowed to start working in Suriname.

Work at different levels

Suriname cannot be compared with the Netherlands in terms of development. The country is a lot less developed. This also means that almost every Dutch citizen can find a job in Suriname. The highly educated are, of course, very welcome. They can make an important contribution to the development of the country. Dutch people who have done a somewhat lesser study may also find work in Suriname. Indeed, jobs can be found in different sectors and at different levels. However, you have to take into account quite a lot of competition on the labour market. There are also more and more Chinese people who travel to Suriname to work here.

Benefits of working in Suriname

The weather in Suriname is a lot better than in the Netherlands. This is a reason for some people to work in Suriname. High temperatures are of course by no means always pleasant during work, but outside your work this is of course the case. This way you can enjoy the weather in your free time. Another big advantage is that they speak mainly Dutch in Suriname. So when you start working in Suriname, you don’t have to make any adjustments in that area. Speak a good word of English. Then the chances are that you will find a job in this South American country.

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