Job search and find jobs in Norway: that’s how you work

Norway is one of the countries in Scandinavia. It is a beautiful country full of mountains, water and nature. But you may go to Norway to find a new job. Also a challenge! You don’t just end up in a much colder country, but they also speak another language there. There are also many other differences with the Netherlands when you work in Norway. In order to find a job quickly, we’ll tell you how to find and find jobs in Norway.

How do you start your search for a job in Norway?

Many people who want to work in Norway start looking for jobs on job sites. In that case, focus on the Norwegian vacancy sites in particular. If you don’t know the Norwegian language, some of the sites will immediately drop out. Fortunately, there are also plenty of sites that publish vacancies in English. In addition to the vacancy sites, you can also contact the temporary employment agencies in this Scandinavian country. Here too, it is often communicated in English, which makes it not particularly difficult to find vacancies in Norway.

Search Jobs Jobs Abroad looks for jobs for you in Norway

Most vacancies in Norway are offered in Norwegian or English. Quite logical too, as these two languages are the most widely spoken in this country. But wouldn’t it really be much easier to communicate in Dutch when you are looking for a job in Norway? That’s possible when you are addressing Search Jobs Abroad. Here foreign vacancies from countries around the world are collected. With this network you quickly found a suitable job in Norway. Searching on job sites and targeting employment agencies is not even necessary when you want to work in Norway. Search Jobs Abroad makes things a lot easier.

Foreign persons are welcome

If you are looking for a job in Norway as a foreigner, you will be welcomed with open arms. This is absolutely the case when you are still relatively young. You also have an advantage when you have had a technical training, because in this area they have to deal with a considerable shortage in Norway. Do not hesitate to work in Norway, especially when you are technically skilled. Jobs are in abundance here, so you don’t have to be afraid that you won’t find a job.

Differences between jobs in Norway and the Netherlands

Moors are of the saying’ no words but deeds’. Let’s see what you can do before you talk. That’s why it is not advisable not to talk about when you are going to work in Norway. In that case, your Norwegian colleagues will probably soon be tired of you, while the Noren are still known as polite and quiet people. This tranquility can also be found in the work in Norway. Not in terms of the pace of work, because drills are generally not dirty of hard work. The biggest difference between work in Norway and work in the Netherlands is probably social equality. Where people in Dutch business are often given titles, this is of little or no value in Norway.

Social security

A big advantage of working in Norway is the social security system in the country. Social security is much better regulated in Norway than in the Netherlands. As in the Netherlands, a certain part of the salary is deducted from this social security system. Unemployed and students pay nothing, but are still entitled to medical care. Are you going to work in Norway and become unexpectedly ill? Then you will receive regular salary from the first to the sixteenth day. This is paid by your employer. Are you ill for more than sixteen days? Then part of your salary is covered by the social security system.

No visa required for jobs in Norway

Have you found a job in Norway and would you like to start working in the country soon? Then you can just travel to the Scandinavian country. As a Dutchman, you do not need a work permit when you start working in Norway. This is because Norway is part of the European Union. If you stay in Norway for longer than three months and work here, you must officially register here. With this registration you must be able to show that you have a job in Norway.

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