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Working in New Zealand, it’s not a choice that people make one, two, three. Yet it is certainly worth the effort. It is a fantastic experience to work in this country. There are the necessary vacancies, so it is not particularly difficult to find a job here. Has it always been your dream to work in New Zealand? Don’t wait any longer, just follow your dream!

Job search in New Zealand

Before you take the step, it is nice to know what to expect. For example, are suitable jobs available in New Zealand? To find out about this, you are well advised to do some research from the Netherlands. Probably you will initially address several job sites. This is a possibility, but chances are that there is no suitable job for you. In that case, you would do well to contact Search Jobs Abroad. This job site specialises in finding work abroad. Here you will certainly find some interesting vacancies in New Zealand.

Online application is of little use.

Have you seen a number of attractive vacancies in New Zealand and would you like to send an application? Then there is a good chance that you will not be accepted. Certainly not when you apply via the internet. Why not? Because residents of New Zealand are a lot less inclined to apply online. They want to know who they are dealing with. So looking online for a job in New Zealand is a waste of time. If you want to find work in New Zealand quickly, it is good to just fly to the country. Bring your CV to various companies and you’ve probably found a job quickly. In this way you can network at once. This only increases the chances of finding a job. Most New Zealanders find a job through their own network, because for many jobs they do not even find a job vacancy. Another possibility for finding a job in New Zealand is to call on Search Jobs Abroad.

Popular sectors for work in New Zealand

People from all over the world are moving to New Zealand. Often not to work, but to travel around. In order to pay for this trip, however, it is necessary to work. As a result, there are many temporary jobs in New Zealand. For example, you can work in vineyards or in a hostel. However, there is a good chance that you are not looking for such work. You probably just want to find a permanent job. This is a piece of cake when you are useful with computers. In New Zealand, jobs in this area are in the process of being taken up. There is an urgent shortage of people in ICT. Are you a real office man? Also then you will probably find a job in New Zealand pretty soon. There are also a number of large multinationals that regularly have some vacancies.

Lack of technical professions

In addition to working in ICT, there are also major shortages in other technical professions. New Zealand, for example, has a large shortage of construction workers. It is therefore not difficult to find a job in the construction industry in this country. An additional advantage is that a job as a construction worker is also reasonably well-earned compared to a job in the hotel and catering industry, for example. However, plumbers and carpenters deserve even more. There are few New Zealanders with experience in these professions. If you, as a Dutch national, have some experience in working in these sectors, you will have the jobs in New Zealand to choose from.

Is working in New Zealand comparable to working in the Netherlands?

When you start working in New Zealand, you don’t have to be afraid of completely different working hours. At least, when you have a job in the office. The working hours of office workers are often from 08.00 to 17.00 hours. This means that New Zealand’s work in this area differs little from that of the Netherlands. However, when we look at working conditions, there are differences. The employment conditions in New Zealand are less well regulated. For example, you only have fifteen vacation days a year when you work in New Zealand. In the Netherlands, this is generally around 24. You also have to deal with a limited number of sick days.

Clothing regulations

Dutch people are quite free to wear the kind of clothing at work. Some sectors are subject to certain requirements or regulations, but this is by no means the case everywhere. For example, many Dutch people go to work in jeans and sweater or T-shirts. In New Zealand, they are much more conservative in this area. For example, almost everyone who works in the retail, office and catering sector runs in neat clothing. Make sure you have a blouse, jacket, skirt or neat pants when you work in one of the above mentioned sectors in New Zealand. Clothing rules may also apply in other sectors.

Visa necessary

If you want to emigrate to New Zealand, you must apply for a Residence Permit. With this statement you have the right to live, study and work in New Zealand for an indefinite period of time. However, it is not easy to get this paper. New Zealand is quite stubborn towards people who want to settle permanently in the country. Indeed, only a limited number of visas are issued. In order to obtain a visa, you also have to meet many requirements. For example, we will look at your knowledge of the English language. This must be at a certain level. In addition, for example, you may not have a criminal record and you must undergo a medical examination if you want to establish yourself in New Zealand. Finally, you must also show why you can make a positive contribution to the country. Only if you meet all the conditions set will you receive a visa and be able to work in New Zealand.

Greater chances of obtaining a visa

Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to obtain a New Zealand visa, some people have advantages. They get a visa quicker than other applicants. This is the case, for example, with New Zealanders’ families who also want to settle in the country. In addition, skilled workers also have an advantage. Do you want to work in New Zealand and do you have a lot of experience in a certain sector? Then the chance of getting a visa is a lot greater. This is also the case when you want to invest in New Zealand.