Looking for a job in Luxembourg?

Are you completely fed up with working in the Netherlands? Then you are probably ready for a new challenge. In that case, consider going to work abroad. If you prefer not to go too far from home, this might be a bad idea. It is not, however, because you can also start working in Luxembourg. Although this country is a lot smaller than the Netherlands, there are plenty of vacancies. There are therefore enough jobs available in this small country. But why should you apply for a job in Luxembourg?

Relatively close to home

Does all your family still live in the Netherlands and are you particularly attached to this? Then, of course, it is not attractive to work outside the Netherlands. However, working in Luxembourg is attractive. With the plane you fly to this country in an hour’s time. And in addition, it only takes you about four hours by car. So you can start working weekday in Luxembourg and go back to the Netherlands during the weekends, for example. This way you can find both a new challenge in the field of work and you don’t have to say goodbye to your family and familiar environment forever.

Favourable employment conditions

In the Netherlands, most employees have favourable working conditions. When you start working in Luxembourg, you will soon find that everything here is just a bit better arranged. Luxembourg, for example, has a favourable tax environment. As an employee, you also pay a considerably lower percentage of social security contributions when you start working in Luxembourg. Are you going to work in Luxembourg but will your family continue to live in the Netherlands? Then you are entitled to child benefits in Luxembourg. You are also entitled to this when your family lives abroad. Make use of this, because the amounts are quite generous.

Many jobs in the financial world in Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be the smallest country in Europe, but it is still at the heart of the European financial sector. More and more financial companies have moved to Luxembourg in recent years. This has created the necessary jobs in this world. If you have a background in the financial world or have followed a training course in this area, it is therefore quite easy to get a job in Luxembourg. The necessary Dutch financial companies have also opened a branch in Luxembourg in recent years. Because so many financial companies come to this small country, vacancies are almost always available in this world.

Other sectors

Of course, there are not only jobs in the financial world in Luxembourg. You can also go to work in the hotel and catering industry or in construction. The Luxembourg hotel and catering industry is largely owned by Dutch entrepreneurs. So it takes very little effort to adapt to working in Luxembourg. Besides catering and construction, tourism is also an important sector in Luxembourg. Large numbers of tourists come to the country. Are the hotel and catering industry, tourism and construction a little too low and does not appeal to the financial sector? Then you can apply for a job with a European institution. These are also present in Luxembourg in large numbers. In short, almost everyone can find a suitable job.


Because Luxembourg is trapped between Belgium, France and Germany, it does not have a single language. It is French, German and Luxembourgish. If you want to work in Luxembourg, it is therefore not necessary that you have knowledge of one specific language. When you speak a nice word of French or German, you’ll get very far in this country. In addition, more and more new languages are being added, as more financial companies from different countries are opening a branch in Luxembourg. Do you only speak Dutch? Then turn to a Dutch company that also has a company in Luxembourg. It is true that several languages are spoken in Luxembourg, but when applying for job vacancies they often require knowledge of a particular language. This language differs per sector you want to work in. You should therefore deepen your knowledge before applying for vacancies.

Search for vacancies in Luxembourg

Are you totally convinced of the benefits of working in Luxembourg? Then it is high time to look for vacancies. Many people start searching the internet first when they want to work abroad. Here you will undoubtedly find a number of jobs. However, there is a chance that you will not find a job that suits you well. In that case, it is not immediately necessary to put work in Luxembourg entirely out of your mind. You can use Search Jobs Abroad. Through this large, foreign network, you probably soon found a job in Luxembourg.

What do you have to do before you can work in Luxembourg?

Because Luxembourg is part of the European Union, you do not need to have a permit when you want to work here. So you can get to work in Luxembourg without any problems. Remember, however, that it is wise to arrange things beforehand. Of course, it is right to find work before you actually move to Luxembourg. In addition, it is also easy to have a living space. Do not pick up your rushes right away, but always think carefully about the consequences when you start working in Luxembourg.