Find vacancies in Japan? This is how you proceed

Have you always felt attracted to the land of the rising sun? Then it is high time we took the step and emigrated to Japan. Before you give up your life in the Netherlands for an international job, you probably want to have some more certainty. It is therefore conceivable that you would like to find a job in Japan first, before you decide to actually travel to the other side of the world. However, finding jobs in Japan is not an easy task. In this way, many vacancies are displayed in Japanese. If you don’t know the Japanese language, it’s an unexplored piece of work. To make sure your dream doesn’t fall apart, we’ll tell you below exactly how to find jobs in Japan. In addition, we will also briefly focus on further developments regarding working in this Asian country.

Start searching yourself

Japan is a country that is economically well developed. Many multinationals therefore have a branch in this country. In addition, many Japanese companies have established themselves in turn throughout the rest of the world. These multinationals communicate mostly in English. If you don’t know the Japanese language, this is of course ideal for you. This means that they will probably also publish their vacancies in English. Don’t you know English, or hardly at all? Then you have to ask yourself whether working in Japan is a good idea for you. Or you should choose to take an English or Japanese language course, of course.

Consult your Japanese network to find jobs

Are you working in the Netherlands with an internationally oriented company? Then it is quite possible that there is one or more Japanese in your network. Finding a job in Japan is a lot easier when you address these people. Because they know you, they probably already know a little bit about what you are looking for. They are not faced with a language barrier when looking for vacancies in Japan, which increases their chances of finding one or more jobs for you.

Job search with the help of Search Jobs Abroad

If you don’t have any Japanese in your network and you don’t have any vacancies on the internet, you might consider not going to work in Japan anyway. Search Jobs Jobs Abroad was created to prevent you from encountering such disappointment. This vacancy bank helps you find work in Japan. In that case, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for full-time vacancies, holiday work in Japan, internships or volunteer work. With the help of Search Jobs Abroad’s job board, you have quickly found a large number of vacancies in Japan.

Bachelor degree is compulsory

If you want to work in Japan, you must at least have a Bachelor’s degree. You will receive this diploma if you have successfully completed a higher professional education or university degree programme. If this is not the case, there is little chance that you will be admitted to Japan. After all, you will not get a work permit. In addition, there is a second requirement for obtaining a permit. You must have demonstrable, relevant experience in relation to the job you are applying for. Have you been an English teacher at higher education school for years and would you like to do this work in Japan? Then there is a good chance that you will be admitted to the country. This is also often the case if, for example, you have completed your entire bachelor’s degree in English and are therefore good in the English language.

Application for jobs

Did you find a number of vacancies via Search Jobs Abroad’s vacancy database or in any other way? Then it is time to apply. Don’t you speak Japanese? Simply apply in English. If you make numerous mistakes in Japanese, there is a good chance that they will select someone else for the vacancy. You create the impression that you are a careless person, and of course you want to avoid that at all times. Always make sure you read your application thoroughly before leaving the door. If necessary, have a friend, acquaintance, colleague or relative check him or her again. Only with a good application letter and convincing CV you can win the job in Japan.

Start applying for your work permit in good time

As you have just read, applying for a work permit has a lot of trouble in the world. To be able to work in Japan, you have to meet a number of requirements. In order to prevent you from losing your job in Japan in the future, you are well advised to apply for your work permit at an early stage. The sooner you have this permit, the more likely it is that you will actually be able to work in Japan.

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