Jobs in Italy

When you think of Italy, you’re sure to think about holidays and nice weather. However, Italy is not only suitable for holidays. You can work there as well. There are plenty of people from your country who have found a job in this southern European country in recent years. Do you also intend to leave the your country and work in Italy? Then you’re bound to be on the lookout for vacancies. Now it’s just a matter of finding the right vacancies. How to do this can be found in the text below.

Permanent job or holiday work?

Italy attracts thousands of tourists year after year. These tourists must of course stay somewhere, want to be provided with a snack and a drink and want to make an occasional excursion. In order to provide these people with this, there must of course be sufficient staff. There is therefore a great demand for people who want to work in Italy during the holidays. It is also conceivable, however, that you are not looking for holiday work at all, but want a permanent job in Italy. Ask yourself in advance whether you are looking for temporary or permanent work. As a result, you can already leave out some of the vacancies and that saves quite a lot of time. This also makes searching a lot easier.

Start at the beginning

Before you start looking for jobs in Italy, you want to find out more about working in Italy. There is a great chance that you want to know what kind of jobs there are actually all available. In Italy, industry is still the most important sector. A large proportion of Italians work in this sector. The chance is therefore not great that you will soon find a job in this as a Dutchman. If you want to work in Italy anyway, it is wise to focus on the sectors where the demand for foreigners is relatively high. This is the case, for example, in tourism, but also in communication, media and the business world.

Where do you find jobs in these sectors?

Do you have ears to work in one of the sectors mentioned above? Then it is high time to start looking for vacancies. Most people initially turn to the internet. This is a good choice, because this is the way to find a large proportion of vacancies in Italy. However, many people do not know how to find the right jobs. Because of this problem, some people decide not to work in Italy anyway. They think that there are no vacancies available and are looking for something else in their own country. However, this is not necessary because you can easily find work via Search Jobs Abroad.

What can Search Jobs Jobs Abroad do for you?

Search Jobs Abroad is a job site that specialises in finding work abroad. You can contact us when you are looking for a job in Italy. We have put the vacancies in this country in a clear overview for you, so you can immediately see what kind of people there is demand in this country. You also have a direct insight into the sectors in which people are sought. If you want to make sure that you find jobs in Italy that are suitable for you, you really should take a look at Search Jobs Abroad.

Good training increases the chance of employment

Unfortunately, the jobs in Italy are not being picked up. It can therefore take quite a long time before you have finally found work here. However, have you followed a considerable level of education in and obtained your diploma for this? It will then become a lot easier to find a job in Italy. Indeed, many large companies in this southern European region are looking for well-trained staff. Since these people are not present in large numbers in Italy themselves, they also regularly turn to foreigners to occupy these positions. Didn’t you have any particular high education? Then it might not be a good choice to work in Italy. In that case, of course, you can always choose to have yourself first retrained in your home country so that they can hardly refuse your application for that one job in Italy. Or you can, of course, turn to holiday work in Italy.

Large differences in the workplace

If you are looking for vacancies in Italy, you should be aware that the situation on the shop floor is significantly different from that in your own country. For example, a large proportion of Italian companies are family-owned. The family often holds the strings firmly in their hands and does not tolerate any intrusion or contradiction from the employees. Unless they are family members of course. There is therefore a strong hierarchy in many Italian companies, much stronger than in the most other countries. In addition, you can also make promotion a lot more difficult when you go to work in Italy. In order to be able to make a promotion, you often have to stay with us for a long time.

Registering in Italy

If you want to work in Italy, you must register with the population register. This is only possible if you have a valid passport and health insurance. You must also be able to demonstrate that you work in Italy. Therefore, registration with the population register is only possible once you have been taken on for a job. Have you found a temporary job in Italy? Then your registration with the population register will probably not be approved. You have to have a fixed income to be able to register yourself here. Are you already in Italy but do you not have a job yet? Do not wait too long before searching.

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