Do you want nothing more than to explore the world and have you always dreamed of seeing Scandinavia? Search Jobs Abroad can help you find the perfect job in Finland. In this article you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of living and working in Finland and how Search Jobs Abroad can help you realize your dream!

Why work in Finland?

Although Finland is more than 8 times larger in size than the Netherlands in terms of surface area, the country has a lot fewer inhabitants, namely only 5.5 million. In the area of the economy, Finland is doing well together, as the recession has had a major impact on employment, but through successful leadership it has recovered to pre-recession levels. As a result, there are plenty of options for people looking for work. A good diploma is of course an advantage, but with a good knowledge of the English language and a good working experience you can often also go to work well.

Finland is also known for its beautiful, natural landscape. Because of the lower population density there are many options if you prefer to live more quietly.

Looking for the disadvantages of a vacancy in Finland

Finland also has its disadvantages. The main disadvantage of course is the colder climate in which you end up. For example, in the east of Finland it can in extreme cases reach -50 degrees Celsius. A lot colder than in many other countries from Europe!

Vacancies in Finland

With Search Jobs Abroad, it is not difficult to find suitable vacancies in Finland. However, of course you still have to make the choice about where exactly you want to go. As long as you don’t know the language yet but speak English well, Helsinki is the most obvious choice. Here you will also find several multinationals that are always looking for well-trained employees.

Helsinki is not the only attractive city for foreigners. One of the most popular cities to live and work is Tampere. Moreover, compared to the capital Helsinki, Tampere is a more budget-friendly city with lower living costs. Other popular cities include Turku, Espoo and Oulu.

Need a work visa for Finland?

Because Finland officially belongs to the EU, it is not compulsory for passport holders of other EU countries to have a visa to live and work in Finland. If you do not have an EU passport, the Embassy of Finland can provide you with the correct information about possible visa requirements.

Why Search Jobs Jobs Abroad?

Do you find it difficult to find a suitable job in Finland or do you not see the wood for the trees? Search Jobs Abroad offers over 1000 vacancies abroad. The handy filter function also helps you find jobs quickly and effectively that match your skills and knowledge. And thanks to the handy tips for writing a CV and motivation letter, you will soon learn how to distinguish yourself from other candidates.

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