Jobs in Bulgaria: wise or not?

Do you want to work in an eastern European country? Then working in Bulgaria might be something for you. After all, the weather in this country is a lot better than in Poland, for example, so this country might attract you more. Before you leave, of course, you want to know if it is wise to take the step. That is why we will explain in the text below some important points that you need to know before you decide to work in Bulgaria.

Employment in Bulgaria

Before you can work in Bulgaria, of course you need to know if there are any vacancies. What about employment, for example, in this country? Are there a lot of jobs available or is it just fighting to get to the bucket? When you go to Bulgaria, be prepared well, because it is not easy to get work here. Even though you, as a foreigner, are of course a little bit ahead of you. Indeed, the average European is a lot better developed, so they get a job relatively quickly. Didn’t you really have a high level of education and did production work? Then there is a good chance that finding jobs in Bulgaria will be extremely difficult. After all, Bulgarians are also very well placed to perform these functions, which means that they are often preferred in such sectors.

More chance as highly educated

Did you have a high level of education in your own country? Then it is a lot easier to find a job in Bulgaria. Why? Because the knowledge of most Bulgarians is not very great. As a result, they are by no means always able to fill the high positions within companies. It happens regularly that people from other countries hold these positions. So when you are relatively highly educated, you have a greater chance of finding work in Bulgaria.

Start the search

To determine whether it is interesting for you to work in Bulgaria, you first look for vacancies. It makes little sense to contact temporary employment agencies. Indeed, most temporary employment agencies do not offer any jobs in Bulgaria. You can register yourself at a Bulgarian employment agency, but that is only wise when you have mastered the language. No, when you are looking for work in Bulgaria, it’s better to focus on the internet. Many people start looking for something indiscriminately. This may have an effect, but it often takes a long time before you come across interesting jobs in Bulgaria. Do you want to receive a number of relevant work quickly? Focus on Search Jobs Abroad. On this international job site you will find the necessary jobs in Bulgaria. This way you can easily determine whether you work in Bulgaria what is for you.

Popular sectors

Bulgaria has a large tourism sector. Every year the necessary tourists come to the country. They too end up on the nice weather. It is therefore not difficult to find work in the tourism sector. For example, you can work as a tour leader at an international organisation. This is certainly the case when you speak multiple languages. This way you will find a job in Bulgaria much faster. In the hotel and catering industry, too, there is usually a reasonable demand for staff. This is often seasonal, as there are fewer tourists coming to Bulgaria in winter. Do you want to hold an important position in Bulgaria? Then you should do well to address the larger companies. These are often multinationals. It’s a lot easier to get in here than the large Bulgarian companies.

Cheap land, less income

Besides the fact that it is often quite good weather in Bulgaria, it is all quite cheap in the country. Certainly in comparison with other European countries. Most products are for sale for little money, so many people are considering working in Bulgaria. Don’t worry about this, however. When you have found a job, you will soon be able to experience a lot less pay. For most Europeans, life in Bulgaria is usually reasonably cheap, but this changes when they settle there permanently and start working there.

In short, there are plenty of employment opportunities in Bulgaria, but you can also view other vacancies abroad on Search Jobs Abroad.

High crime

A disadvantage of working in Bulgaria is the high crime rate in the country. Many cars in particular are stolen, but extortion is also fairly common. This is particularly the case at the border. Also be careful when you take the taxi in Bulgaria. There are a number of drivers who only have to pay for your money and they often have a lot of money left for that. Do you choose to go to work in Bulgaria by car? Then you will surely be dealing with people who appear as police officers. These are often fraudsters, where you have to pay cash. So be wary when you work in Bulgaria.

Working without problems in Bulgaria?

Since Bulgaria belongs to the European Union, it is not necessary to have a work permit if you want to work in this country. The only necessity is that you have a valid passport or identity card. If that is the case, you can easily get to work in Bulgaria. Before going in that direction, however, it is wise to look around at work in Bulgaria. Once you’ve found some relevants, you’re sure it’s worth travelling to Bulgaria. This prevents you from incurring a lot of unnecessary costs, which is of course so pleasant.