6 quick tips to find work!

Although politicians in The Hague dare to claim that the economy is picking up, this is not always directly reflected in the labour market. Yet there is work, and plenty of it! You just need to know how to get a job these days. Read the tips below, use them, and before you know it, you're already on your way to work!

1. Put your CV in order!

Keep your CV up to date! Employers can draw conclusions from your CV. Is it too long or maybe too short? Are the experiences correct? A CV is your ticket to that interview. Make sure it is strong and clear! A number of tips for building a good CV can be found on this website.

2. Networking to find work

Your network is worth a lot and has a lot of potential. Through a network you not only get a job faster, in most cases it is also the job that suits you. Through your network you can tell more easily what you are looking for and what your qualities are. On the other hand, it is easy for the employer to meet someone through a network. They get information from their network and a network is always a familiar environment.

3. Where can vacancies be found?

Thanks to continuous developments and innovation, there are many ways to look for vacancies. Nowadays, the Internet is the most effective tool to find your suitable job. Various sites such as Search Jobs Abroad, job bank have many vacancies. You can also use google to look up the company you are so interested in.

If you are not from the internet, you can also go to an employment agency. An agency will ask you what your interests are and will try to find a job that suits your interests. Sometimes you can even get a permanent contract out of this!

4. I want to go abroad!

If you have been working in the Netherlands for a longer period of time, it is possible that you would like to work abroad. Nothing is impossible! At Searc you can find various vacancies all over the world. Please note that your English language skills are above average. This is not only required, but it also makes it easier for you as an individual to live abroad. Also be aware that other countries have different company cultures. Dutch business is relatively direct and hard. So be prepared for the fact that you will have to adapt yourself.

5. Visitor fairs to find work

Several times a year, Ahoy Rotterdam and Amsterdam RAI hold exhibitions aimed at finding work. Employers are actively looking for employees here. To you! This is an excellent opportunity not only to get a job, but also to expand your network. Employers immediately see who they are dealing with and can start a conversation with you. So be prepared for this. Introduce yourself and indicate your positive points. Especially hand out your CV! Chances are they will call you back when you have made a good impression.

6. Go for it!

You are the person who ultimately decides the success factor. Don't start applying tomorrow but start now. If you want to achieve 100% success you also need to invest 100% time and energy. If a paid job doesn't work immediately, you can still do an internship to gain experience. Or follow a trainee trajectory. There are many ways to get a job. But that choice is up to you. Don't start tomorrow, start now!

Your first step for working abroad is of course on Search Jobs Abroad.