Hiring staff abroad

You don't just hire staff. You have to post vacancies, read cover letters and have conversations. The great thing is that the labour market has a surplus of jobseekers. They are young, eager to learn, just have a diploma in their pocket and crave a nice job. Guaranteed that there is someone among them who fits in perfectly with your company! But does the applicant meet your requirements? Do the applicant and your company share the same vision, which benefits cooperation? Where can you find your suitable staff?

Post vacancies!

Hiring good staff means placing vacancies on as many sites as possible. Think of your own site or other sites such as searchjobsabroad and indeed. Nowadays you can also make good use of social media. Think of twitter, facebook, myspace and other social media fields. In addition, your network is more valuable than you thought. Let your network know what you are looking for and what you have to offer them.

Create clear vacancies!

To make recruitment and selection easier, it is useful to make the job description as clear as possible. Write down what the tasks are and what the applicant's expectations are. Is it, for example, HBO or MBO level? Be clear whether a completed education is a requirement. This way you reduce the number of motivation letters to a group of potentially trained applicants.

Hiring good staff starts with a good job interview

Be well prepared for the job interview. Know which questions you want to ask and stay resolute. Applicants receive training in applying for a job nowadays. This allows them to present themselves in a very professional way, when they are actually not like that at all. If an applicant remains calm and knows how to answer questions, he or she may still be the right candidate. Does he/she start thinking a lot and do the answers become shorter? Then it might not be the right person for your company.

Hiring staff from abroad

In order to attract staff from abroad, you must publish the vacancies in English. Be well informed about what is involved when recruiting abroad. The process is different than in the Netherlands. So be well oriented when recruiting personnel abroad. This way you avoid problems with the tax authorities or aliens police.

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