Do you want to work for a government abroad?

Would you like to work abroad, but still keep in touch with the Netherlands? That's a good thing, because the government is always looking for staff abroad. Keep reading if this interests you!

Be aware that you are going to work abroad

Other languages, food, temperatures, clothing styles, cultures and infrastructure. For example, in some countries public transport is still underdeveloped, while in other countries a metro stops in every street. The Dutch culture is very hard and direct. We immediately say what we think of the other and quickly draw conclusions. So be well informed about the country you are going to work in.

Mastering the English language is often an advantage. In order to survive abroad, you have to be able to make yourself understood. Sometimes an organisation requires you to speak English.

Organisations abroad

The Netherlands has its embassies all over the world. They form a political representation of the country. The Dutch government is not always able to answer all the questions of all countries. They direct them first to the Dutch embassy. If you work at an embassy, any action you perform is on behalf of the Dutch government. So it is important to think twice before you actually send or publish anything!

In addition to embassies, you also have organisations such as the United Nations, the European Union and NATO. The Netherlands has its representatives in all these organisations. Where the United Nations is spread all over the world, the European Union and NATO are mainly in Brussels. This makes Brussels an epicentre of European goals. A long history has preceded this, but mainly because of its location and accessibility, people have chosen to sit here. Because of all these organisations, Brussels has more journalists, ambassadors and correspondents than Washington. Employment plentiful! Not only political figures are present, the Netherlands also needs translators, drivers and clerks to support the Dutch delegation posts.

Vacancies to work for the government abroad

On the internet you can find different pages for vacancies abroad. Would you like to work abroad for certain periods of time, and also back to the Netherlands? Then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is for you. They regularly go abroad for visits, but do not stay there. Sometimes they also ask for experience. In that case you can follow traineeships or do an internship.

Take a look at Search Jobs Abroad for the latest offer of jobs abroad.

Think carefully before you start working abroad!

Before you make the decision you need to think very carefully if you want to work abroad. It will take time to feel at home and in the beginning you may often be alone. On the other hand, you will gain a wealth of experience, networking and connections. It is a hard journey that requires effort, but the reward is great!