Teacher abroad, how do you do that?

Do you want to teach abroad? What kind of work experience do you need? Have you thought of everything? Have you looked at the right vacancies? Visa? Accommodation? Training? As you can see, it takes a lot, but rest assured, there is good news!

March 24th a very positive news item has been published about teachers in the Netherlands. For example, China is impressed with the way in which secondary vocational education (MBO) is taught. We are highly regarded internationally, so if you already had ideas to go abroad as a teacher, this might be the opportunity.

Working abroad makes it easy for us to go abroad on a daily basis. On our website you will find the largest international jobs platform available. It's fast, easy and completely free.

As a teacher in primary or secondary education it is necessary to have the right education. In the Netherlands you will receive the title Bachelor of Education with the right HBO education. This is internationally recognized and gives you access to apply in the country of your choice. In China you can then teach at primary and secondary schools. It is very popular to get English, music and sports lessons from foreign teachers at good schools. It takes a while to find vacancies for this, but they are there.

How to find a job as a teacher abroad?

Immediately respond to a vacancy on Search Jobs Abroad. The faster, the better. Do not wait for a job abroad does not blow up. Turning on an email alert is incredibly handy and not an unnecessary luxury. You will receive an email with the latest overview of available vacancies abroad. Teaching abroad is fun, educational and culture enriching. Many people are looking for a new job. Keep this in mind.

Create a neat resume in an international format and upload it to the website. This way companies and schools can find teachers who want to work abroad. They will see your details and can send you a message immediately. So don't just search, let them find you. This is the new digital world, make use of it.

Salary as a teacher abroad

Your salary will not exceed that of a teacher in the Netherlands or Belgium. Do not expect miracles because there is a greater need for teachers in a certain part of the world. Working abroad can be lucrative, but count on it being enough to live on.

In Europe and the United States there is a strong focus on your relevant work experience abroad. So, as a teacher, ask your director or previous employers if they would like to write a reference. This is very common abroad. Having good references significantly increases the chances of getting a job.

Do you find this article about teachers abroad useful? Or do you have more questions? Ask your question below and the team of foreign workers will sort it out for you as soon as possible.