Working Abroad? Sites To Visit

Do you want to have an adventure but do not have the means to do so? Why don’t you try working abroad? You can try new things and experience life from another perspective. Your adventure can go more smoothly if you prepare first. Make sure that you have a job in the country where you intend to explore. But how can you start searching for jobs from thousands of miles away? Thankfully the internet is here to make life easier for you. For simplicity sake, let’s break down the offerings of the internet into four job search categories:

1. Start working abroad: Company sites

Human resources experts say that about 13% of people searching in the internet found a job by searching directly at company sites. Almost every company site has a tab for jobs or careers. This is a great resource for job seekers. This will allow you to send your resume to the people who are directly in charge of hiring personnel. If there are no open positions, there is usually a tool allowing you to submit one for future consideration or create a career profile that is available to anyone in the company. This is a great way to start working abroad especially if you know ahead of time which company you want to join. Just a tip – before hitting the apply button, try to find a contact inside who can make sure that your resume has all the keywords used in the company description.

2. Visit niche sites

These are sites for a group of people with special affiliation such as a university that has a site for its alumni, or industry-specific organizations. Depending on your current career path, search the internet for those that are applicable to you. This way, you apply directly to jobs that are related to your career. If you went to college, this is one of the ways to broaden your network by reaching out to alumni working abroad.

3. Find a job at big Work Abroad Boards

Job boards offer a place to see the options available to you even before you set foot on that country. Try surfing around at Search Jobs Abroad, a site which lists work abroad from different countries. You can search by jobs, location or job categories. There is also a tab for employers looking for that special employee. It will make your dream of working abroad easier to reach.

4. Good luck with Social Networking Sites

A few years ago, searching for jobs using social media was unthinkable. Today, sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook make it possible to start working abroad faster. Create an online profile that is professional. Upload your resume there for employers to find. While this is still not the most popular way to land a job, who knows what will happen in the next year or so?

Do not let your dream of working abroad become just another wishful thinking. With sites like this you can cross this dream off your bucket list now.