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Why for free ?

To be able to find and connect eachother, Search Jobs Abroad was founded. We prefer that Search Jobs Abroad will be accessible to everyone. For small and large companies, anywhere in the world. Therefore it should be free.

Jobs abroad in practice

Rikki (Brussels) Lovely employees of, thank you so much for helping me! My whole life I dreamed about to get a job abroad. Unfortunately that is not easy for me since I have a disability. Therefore, finding jobs abroad is very difficult. Due to I worked in a wonderful, nice company where I still work. Thanks again!

Magrit (Berlin) WOW that was cool! End of March 2009 I came to this website and immediately I signed up for a job abroad. A job abroad is not easy if you want to organize it all by yourself. I did not want to pay an application or brokerage fees. It is difficult to apply directly to a company without the application agencies. Although, with the use of I have a nice job abroad (Germany)! Learn to speak German was not necessary to me, I just wanted to learn from working in an international company. Please think about that and do not let the language affect your choice!

Ongar (Paris) I am 14 years old and I wanted to perform a job abroad. To learn a foreign language. I found something in France but I only used my English language. The reason for this is that I had only contact with other foreign employees. At I inscribed myself online. Every time a new vacancy for a job abroad becomes available, they send you an email. Within 3 weeks I had an interview and that was a good one! Yes! I started immediately!

Constance (Athens) I visited to for a job abroad. I inscribed for a job abroad (Greece) and then I received only new jobs in Greece. I looked for jobs abroad in bars or restaurants. There are plenty of jobs abroad in Athens and with the website I quickly contacted with some hotels. I preferred to work in the catering. After that it all went very fast and within some weeks I already took a flight to my job abroad. It was a unique experience! Thanks!

Donna (Moscow) Moscow was not my first choice for me to find jobs abroad. However, when I suddenly saw a nice job abroad at it immediately took my attention. I started to gather information about the country and the Russian language. In March 2009 I started my job abroad and in September that year I returned. This stay was too short. My job abroad was in an international company which develops software for hospitals (operating rooms). I recommend everyone to use for a job abroad !

Bastiaan (Singapore) At the Technical University in the Netherlands I worked at the R & D department. At that time it was very difficult to find students who wanted to perform a job abroad. Immediately I accepted the first job they proposed to me and soon I traveled to Singapore! Super! A job abroad really is a great experience to learn of different cultures. The website has been an excellent help to find me a nice job abroad.